The Whiskey Club Of Yangon completed its second round of their special World Cup series at Padonmar Restaurant where panelists blind-tasted whiskeys from around the world. No blindfolds are used, after all this is very much a social affair, but identities of each sample are secret until all votes are tallied. Padonmar Restaurant hosted the second round and the Whiskey Club is looking for suggestions for a venue for the 3rd round.
Anyone is welcome to be on the panel for the next event! Register before its too late!
Finland won the first bracket, edging out Taiwan and Wales, with a 10 year old bottle of Teerenpeli. The matchup this past Friday was claimed by England. The bottle of English Whisky Company Chapter No. 14 Whisky will compete in the finals.
Organizer James Dunbar Erskine recaps: The blind tasting started with a solid performance from the local whisky (“OK but a bit boring” according to the panel) before Canada upped the game with a 100% Rye whisky that was “Much better than the first one”. The English whisky, despite being “A bit young”, left the panel happy going into the interval with hints of “vanilla, malt and a little bit of banana”. The Swiss whisky (“smells like rubber worms… in a good way”) and the Australian Whisky (“smells like grandma’s car… not in a good way”) couldn’t match the early glories of the Canadian and English whiskies.
The home advantage doesn’t seem to be helping much. Both the ‘home’ whiskies to date have finished last!
The final scores (name of whisky and % of total votes cast) were:
1. England (English Whisky Chapter 14) 39%
2. Canada (Canadian Club 100% Rye) 29% (less than the runner up in Group A so Canada doesn’t qualify)
3. Switzerland (Sântis Malt ) 16%
=4. Myanmar (Grand Royal Double Gold) 8%
=4. Australia (Helliers Road – Pinot Noir Finish) 8%
A huge thank you to all the people who helped track down whisky. This event wouldn’t have been possible without you.
And a huge thank you to Padonmar Restaurant for hosting.
The next round takes place on 27th May and will feature the two biggest whisky drinking countries in the world (France and India) and two of the biggest producers (Ireland and USA)… and South Africa!
Places are still available to join the tasting panel – no experience required! You can sign up here:


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