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What is it
The Bar BurDubai is a themed bar situated in a small lane in Inya road. As the name proclaims, part of the bar is decorated like an Arabian tent, complete with Arabic  Majlis, the low couches common in middle eastern countries. We didn’t get shisha here but the outside seating area is filled with those that do.


The themed bar cushy displays only account for half the place, which means the comfy Majlis are taken quickly. We had a regular table which is better for meals but too boring in a place setting as fancy as this one. The menu is not very impressive at first glance, hardly as extravagant as the decorations.

bar burdubai bar
Blurry photo of the bar, full of atmosphere

Most of the drinks listed are the same as you would see anywhere in a regular pub. Feeling a bit let down after the décor, we decided to let our waiter do the ordering. Oh, man! That’s the best decision we have ever made! He brought out two beautiful cocktails which weren’t listed in the menu: Blue Russian and Bikini Martini. That was when I found out menus are not much used here. The place was packed and every one seemed to know what is available that is not on the menu. The music is too noisy for dinner but doesn’t feel quite like a bar but no one cares. In fact, it seemed to be how people prefer. A lot of local youths hang out at BurDubai and the general atmosphere was more fun than anything else. You will commonly find kids taking taking selfies and wearing Arabic headdresses while a football match plays in the background at Bar Burdubai. 


The waiter then brought their seemingly regular dishes. We tried the crispy chicken with spicy sauce and their signature BurDubai chicken  country soup. They were both very good. The crispy chicken wasn’t very crispy but the sauce was fantastic. The soup was recommended for light weights who want to try different cocktails, like me, because it takes away the alcoholic affects. So, one doesn’t get drunk quickly. It was very spicy though so beware if you can’t eat spicy food. The best ever was their Flaming Sambuca. It was different from other flaming Sambuca that I have tried. We also had prawn balls and BurDubai fried noodles.  They were okay but not as good as the other two dishes. The last, not the least were the syringe cocktails! They were different classic cocktails sold by ( literal) shots! Only they came in syringes in stead of shot glasses. Apparently, the bar fashioned them after a newly popular Myanmar idiom, getting injected, meaning being given some information that makes you feel  restless, regardless of its accuracy. Of course the drinks,  just like the idiom, are very well used. They, too, are off the menu.

Final thoughts

As an exotic middle eastern bar, it is a very good place to spend an evening with friends or even alone if you want to see how local youths spend their free time. Take your time, grab a Majlis inside or out in the garden, try different cocktails and their Shisha, you will definitely enjoy the place. Food dishes start from about 4500 mmks and cocktails start from about 1700 mmks. The flaming Sambuca is 6000 mmks and I would say it is more than very good value for something so divine. All in all, it’s worth spending your evening there even though some things don’t work the same way as a regular bar. Remember to ask your waiter what’s new and popular as the menu is pretty useless. Ours said that they update their items regularly on their Facebook page so it might be a good idea to check too. Or just let them surprise you.

Exterior and food images provided by The Bar Burdubai facebook page


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