Have you wonder what it is like to survive in the areas of Kachin where armed conflicts are a part of daily life? The exhibition “The Art of Survival” at the Goethe Villa will attempt to portray what it is like to be displaced from home.

Kaw Seng, an anthropologist, has been teaching arts to children on the border of Myanmar and China with students of Kachin and Burmese descent. Many of her students have suffered the cruelty of displacement due to the armed conflict in Myanmar and land confiscation in China. Kaw Seng asked the children to use painting and other artistic mediums to show how it felt to lose their homes. More than 7000 pieces of student artwork were collected in 18 months. Among those 7000 pieces, 100 will be displayed at Goethe Villa. The exhibition started on 24th so it has already been two days. However, the exhibition will still be going on until the 30th of May. The exhibition opens at 10am until 6pm.


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