MYANMORE Review Of Green Gallery

No58. 52nd Street (lower block), Botahtaung Township, Yangon, Myanmar

What It Is –  Even when looking for Green Gallery, it feels as if you stumbled into the restaurant which occupies the lobby of a quiet residential building. The trendy interior, light food and affordable rates have made this Thai restaurant a hub for expatriates and Myanmar young professionals. It’s a small place with limited hours and gaining popularity, so think about calling ahead, especially on the weekends.

Atmosphere – Distressed wood tables, incandescent light bulbs, and rustic chic decorations give Green Gallery a modern bohemian vibe. The decor probably resonates more with a younger audience but older couples can be found here at any given night. 80s and 90s alternative music plays lightly in the background, but not enough to affect conversation. The airy layout of the restaurant generally prevents this place from ever getting too loud. Aesthetics and music aside, the owner and staff work to foster a comfortable atmosphere. 

Shrimp Pan Nang Curry

The kitchen produces something like Thai-comfort food. The menu is simple, with a focus on keeping the tastes fresh and light- items can change with the seasons. They have a number of juices, made in house, (2000 Ks) that don’t seem to have much added sugar. Their tomato salad, one of the more popular appetizers, combines peanuts, green tomatoes and onions with a light dressing. (2000 Ks). They have a few entree choice but the curry seems to be the favourite. They come with the usual choice of meat, shrimp being quite popular. Despite their size, each giant shrimp remains flavourful and is used in salads, Tom Yum Soup and of course their curries. The Panang Curry with Shrimp (5000 Ks) is a creamy yet light dish that follows the kitchen theme of ‘sticking to the basics’. Yard long beans, white eggplant and chilis are the main ingredients that cook with the curry and complement your choice of protein. We were lucky to also get some mango for dessert, Sein Ta Lone (diamond in Burmese), served with sticky rice and coconut. Not a choice for people who crave sweetness but perfect for those that want to breathe heavy before going out for drinks.

Final Thoughts – Green Gallery is a kitchen with soul which serves clean, non-oily and healthy Thai food for a great price. Ideal for a 2-4 person early dinner- kitchen closes at 9pm. 


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