There will be more beef, lamb and salmon on the menu now that Australia is temporarily exporting these products to select restaurants in Myanmar. You can also buy these Aussie meats, wine too, at City Mart for the month of June. It is unclear what presence Australia will have in grocery stores once June ends.

The Australia Trade Commission held a small event last Tuesday, with the Australian Ambassador briefly spoke, where people in the Food & Beverage industry sampled what can be expected on menus at Mahlzeit, Savoy Hotel and 17 other restaurants.

Nicholas Coppel, Australian Ambassador to Myanmar

Ross Bray, the Australian Trade Commissioner, cited some noteworthy stats at the podium that were almost unbelievable. According to a study conducted by an Australian tourism board, travelers who had never been to Australia before rated the country sixth for the best food. Those who had traveled to Australia rated the food options second in world, only behind France.

Tasmanian Salmon

The restaurants importing this product are western kitchens since beef, lamb and salmon are not part of Myanmar cuisine. The Australian Embassy is also aggressively pushing dairy imports into the recently opened country.


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