If you had told me a week ago that I would be enamored by a fusion restaurant, I would have rolled my eyes. Yet, I was delighted to eat at Wild Ginger, a laid back Southeast Asian Fusion Restaurant and Bar at an unassuming location, with seating for about 50 guests. Simple and friendly service coupled with a unique menu that did not offer satay skewer platter or other easy fixes typical of a bar menu.


Designed from scratch by the owner himself, the restaurant has outdoor and an indoor areas that are both modern and soothing. One wing has dining rooms often booked for private parties, the rest of the restaurant is a comfortable dining room with padded booths, leather chairs and a mini bar.


Scattered throughout the menu are dishes containing a world of traditional flavours of Southeast Asia. Some of the biggest joys on the menu are listed as chef’s specials.

Drink menu include well-balanced and properly constructed cocktails, from start to finish, like the Wild Ginger and Wild Quince (Signature drinks) US$7-9.

Betal leaves (US $1.50) is a roll of shrimp in lime juice, Burmese fish paste and other components, carefully prepared to create a striking flavourful bite. As explained by the owner, the idea behind the unique dish was to promote betal leaves, which are healthy and plentiful in Myanmar.

The Sambal pork (US $7) is carefully cooked to apply the taste of Malaysian sambal, Burmese fish paste (Nga pi) and pork into one single flavourful relish. It is a deliciously salty dish, which had my hands reaching for a beer. Side drinks recommended.

wild ginger beef

Warm Lamb (US $12) is made from admirably lean yet juicy sliced lamb, imported from Australia. Blackened seasoning loosely tied the perfect-tender lamb, leaving every bite light and tasty at the same time. The crisp green beans crush satisfyingly between teeth.

Dip (US$3) looks curious among the appetizers. It is proof, according to the owner, of its popularity at the eatery, with their mouth-watering dipping sauce in a sort of cross-cultural exchange. It is served with largely sized, Burmese-style cripsy fish crackers, which soften by the touch of the sauce before melting completely inside the mouth. I was rewarded with coconut-milk flavour, ending on a yummy note rather than an oily one.


The food menu and cocktail delights alone might make Wild Ginger worth a visit, but I cannot simply leave the friendly, informed and attentive service out of the picture. As being a fan of explosive flavours from Southeast Asian cuisine, I would gladly come back every month or so just to check out their new, unique and exciting recipes on the menu. This is a place where already-loyal customers are filling its seats.

Restaurant info:
12 A Shin Saw Pu Road, Sanchaung Township.
09 9798024627
4 pm till late

Betel Leaves


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