MYANMORE Recognizes Passover

April 23rd is the first day of Passover, an important week on the Jewish Calendar, the final day falls on April 30th. While Yangon once had a sizable Jewish presence, which included a Jewish mayor, the community has been quite small since World War II. This is slowly changing, however, thanks to the work of the Mesmuah Yeshuah Synagogue and the active Israeli Embassy. MYANMORE would like to connect people who may want to participating in a Seder. Email [email protected] if you know of any gatherings that are open to interested expats .

Mesmuah Yeshah Synagogue

On 26th Street off of Maha Bandula

Run by a dedicated family who are happy to provide history and a place for worshippers when needed. Contact Sammy Samuels at [email protected] to check if they have any plans for Passover or know anyone who will.



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