MYANMORE Review Of Pizza Company

By Rose Mary



If you are a person whose tongue mostly accept the Asian flavours and you also want to taste the Italian or French Food, I will introduce you with Pizza Company. You can get various kinds of Italian Food at Pizza Company, especially pizza is the main menu and you can order various flavours of pizza including free style pizza. The significant feature of this pizza shop is having Vegetable menu for Vegetarian. And then, every student who can show the Student ID can get 10% off on every menu. Both Government and Public School can get this chance.


Decoration of Pizza Company is same whether in Myanmar, or abroad. The pizza  shop has indoor wide area and comfortable seating plan. Because of wide area, suitable for all kinds of people include children. Besides, also good for friends group gathering. Kitchen is  orderly place. You can see so many delicious pizza posters are on the wall.


All menus are influence with Italian flavour but suitable for Asian tongue. All chefs are well trained by the abroad chef so the flavour does not change according to the chef.

For pizza, you can order with chicken, pock, seafood and vegetable. So, very suitable for vegetarians. When you order a pizza, it will take 18 minutes and the waiters already tell about the time. So, you can decide to order it or not.

For spaghetti, spicy menus are most ordered by customers. It takes 10 minutes to get. Seven kinds of Spaghetti can get at Pizza Company.

For Salad, four kinds of salad can available and also have four salad dressing. Include items are fresh vegetables and can choose salad dressing as you want.


Cheese Garlic Bread is well-known menu of appetizers. Garlic, and Vegetable oil use for all menus so no need to worry about the health according to oil.

For payment, Myanmar cash can use only. For take away, only tax must pay, service charges is not require for take away service. Delivery System will coming soon.


The menu which can get pizza company are not too expensive, the structure is also suitable for all populations and easy transportation is helping it to become popular. It located at shopping malls so most clients are family and young people who is going out shopping. I also go pizza company when I am hungry during my shopping time because it save time too. So, want to introduce you with this pizza company.

Restaurant info

Inside Ocean Center Tamwe Township, Yangon, Myanmar

09 972998484

Opening Hour – 9am to 9pm


Food: 8

Atmosphere: 6

Service: 9


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