MYANMORE Reviews The Lab Pasta Bar

By Vickie



The Lab Pasta Bar, often referred to simply as ‘the Lab’ is surrounded by colorful local shops situated on the busy little sidewalk of Yan Shin Road with lots of culture and history. Noodles are a daily dish in Yangon, the Lab provides heaps of Italian pasta not typically found in Myanmar. The Lab is now open for lunch, dinner and anything in between. Free deliveries are available all throughout Yankin township.


It’s a compact restaurant, with a mini bar, but seems larger with purposefully colourful walls. Modern décor, warm lights and an intimate atmosphere, the place provides a comfortable fun spot for couples and families. After dinner, you can head for the tables outside for chilling with drinks and shisha. 


The choice of dishes range from spaghetti, carbonara, fusilli and raviolis, and prices are from US$7- $12. In addition, there are soup and salad dishes on the main menu if you want to hold off on the carbs.

Straight away I tucked into a plate of Seafood Tagliatelli, and loved the properly served al dente, with a delicious toss of tomatoes, cream, pepper flakes, chilies, lemon, prawns, mussels and squids, all tangled up and slicked in fresh pasta sauce. Next, I tried the Ravioli, the cheese and sauteed spinach stuffed pastas that retained a nice bite, finished with a swab-worthy sauce: a bright arugula pesto for the orecchiette and chunks of fresh tomatoes on top. It was the star dish!

Gazapacho Soup is the perfect dish for the coming Summer season in Yangon. Icy and crunchy, chunks of garden-fresh tomato, prepared to bring a great savory note. Equally good was the Pumpkin soup, smooth, delicate, a sprinkle of sunflower seeds on top, and offers enough comforting power to your taste buds.  

The expansive list of different pastas is well-accompanied with a nice drink menu such as Wines (US $5), Spirits (US $6) and Cocktails (US $5.5) and freshly-made juices. 


The Lab is  the most spirited space around the area, separated from the others by an old white country fence. The food is superb, the décor is voguish, and the service is fast and friendly. The restaurant is therefore, more sophisticated but relaxed than the upscale dining concept. A truly enjoyable experience indeed.

Restaurant info

202 Yan Shin Street, Yankin Township, Yangon, Yangon Region, Myanmar (Burma)

09 45138 8602

11:00am -11:00pm


Service 8

Food 8

Atmosphere 8


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