The Blind Tiger is a one-year veteran of the Yangon restaurant scene; after closing its original incarnation last year, it’s finally re-opened on Seik KanThar Road (at street level/near corner Merchant).  Look for the large paw print outside! They are known for an innovative tapas menu and an expansive cocktail list.


Like the previous one, it aims for a exclusive, speakeasy-like environment. The interior is a similar layout and style as the original – an upstairs ‘balcony’ area overlooking a downstairs bar and dining area, plush and sumptuous décor, and walls hung with fabulous artworks (for sale).  So lots of similarities (including the friendly and attentive staff) but somehow this incarnation feels more welcoming and relaxed.


We tried several dishes from the tapas menu and some of the most delicious cocktails tasted for many a year!

Burmese Mule cocktail

The barman was happy to chat about his cocktail recipes, many of which include exotic infusions – vodka infused with chili and strawberry added to fresh mango, palm syrup and ginger to make the Burmese mule.  Kiwi-infused white rum with sake, passion fruit & mint for a Sacati cocktail.  And we loved the lemon-infused vodka in the Burmese Slipper.

Nearly all the tapas were good – crab cakes were lightly pan-fried and moist; Spanish meatballs had a real kick (unless it was the Burmese mule…..); short ribs were delicious (after marinating more than a day in a rich barbecue sauce) and garlic shrimps were super-fresh and super-garlicky.   Deep-fried squid with aioli was the tastiest of the seafood choices; the only slight disappointment was a fish tapas which was a little sweet for our palate.

Cocktails and tapas were inspired and – best of all – tasted exactly as described – if there was garlic, you tasted it; ginger in a cocktail – fresh and delicious; we were warned that the Pet Pomelo cocktail was chili-hot and it was – we couldn’t have been happier!

Our only suggestion would be to add a small salad, or non-fried tapas dish to the menu (the manager said this was planned).


Fantastic to see the return of The Blind Tiger – not bigger, but better, than before (and planning to open for lunch soon – sandwiches & salads).  Our recommendation?  Sit at the downstairs bar if you can’t resist the delicious cocktails….safer than negotiating the spiral staircase to the balcony!

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