The Champions League trophy will be on display around the city until March 26th. If you want to hold and pose with the trophy, there are a few Heineken sponsored events that will give you the opportunity to do so. You can also meet Arsenal legend Fredrik Ljungberg! Anyone can participate and win the challenges, but chances are the winner will be a big fan of football. 

The United European Football Association’s (UEFA) Champions League, the most prestigious football competition in the world, has been rigorously viewed by millions of footballs fans in Myanmar through teashops, bars and homes. Heineken, the sole partner of UEFA, is bringing the Champions League trophy to Myanmar so these loyal fans can experience the joy of holding one of the most prominent sports awards of all time which has been also held by legends in the game of football. Heineken introduced the details of the event in a press conference at Sedona Hotel on 15th March.

The Heineken sponsored event will include a parade with the trophy around Yangon, quizzes of Champions League at Union Bar and Grill, a scavenger hunt of the trophy around town, and a exclusive meeting with Arsenal FC legend Fredrik Ljungberg for the winner of the events. To quote what the representatives of APB Alliance Brewery Company (Part of Heineken Company) said during the conference “Since Myanmar fans are wildly passionate about Champions League, it is our pleasure to bring the legendary icon of football industry”. So be sure to review the trivia of Champions League history and maybe think of creative ways to pose with the trophy- it is anyone’s game.


20th March (12pm to 5pm): Trophy Parade

Fans are welcomed to see the trophy around Yangon. The primary places to see the trophy are, Shwe Gone Taing junction, Phone Gyi Road, Hledan Junction, Pyay Road (along the Inya Lake), and it will end at the Sedona Hotel.

21st March (6pm to 10pm): Heineken bar Competition Winner

Union Bar and Grill will be hosting the trophy for one night during Champions League Trivia. Hardcore football fans will be quizzed on the history of UEFA Champions League while highlights of past matches play in the background.

22nd March: The Penalty Shootout (the idea of Fan-Powered Competition Winner)

One lucky super fan may get to realize his dream. There will be an organized penalty shootout tournament and celebration of winners with the UEFA Trophy.

24th March: Road to the Trophy- Scavenger Hunt

Yes, the UEFA Champions League trophy will be hidden and the fans will have to find it. The scavenger hunt of the trophy is an event where fans will get clues given on Facebook, and only the truest of fans will know how to locate the secret hideout. Once the trophy is found, they will have a chance to champion the trophy!

25th March: Exclusive Event With Fredrik Ljungberg

There will be an exclusive invitation-only event to celebrate the trophy with the legendary UEFA player, Fredrik Ljungberg.

26th March (1pm to 11pm): Mass Event

This is a chance for the public to meet Fredrik Ljungberg and champion the trophy at Shwe Htut Tin Arena. There will be games, prizes, and memorabilia from UEFA Champions League Players and Matches.

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