A cheerful bakery and restaurant that serves fusion dishes, combining Western, European and Asian culinary traditions on single plates. The fusion concept is to provide a variety of flavours from around the world under one roof. Located at Yankin, the restaurant provides both indoor and outdoor seating to suit your needs. Whether it is a quick lunch or evening drinks and bites, Planet X should not fail to impress.

The outdoor dining area, perhaps not so advantageous for evenings, what with the mosquitoes, is nevertheless perfect for an airy lunch date. A mini bar adds to the already stunning tropical dishes served in this fusion cuisine.
Serene and homely, the indoor area also houses a bakery area, ready for desserts straight after your meal. The aroma of cakes and coffee only increases one’s appetite for something more. Planet X is suitable for people who love to wind down after a long business day, or the young and bold who love to dine out with their friends.

planet x food

The steamy menu consists of tom yum, nasi goreng, pizzas, quesadillas and all that you can name on a typical Mexican/Spanish/Asian menu. The twist lies in the creativity and daring hands of the chef, who prepares the food with a dash of different traditions sprinkled over the dish. Must try recipes include the Pork and Roll Picked Tea, pork and bacon served together with Burmese pickled tea – it gives edgy explosion of flavour in the mouth. Waterworld Fried Rice (6,500 Ks) is remarkable seafood & fried rice dish prepared with oil extracted from Burmese tiger prawns, where the smell and taste reminds you of your mother’s home cooked dish. Stuffing Grilled Chicken (7,000 Ks) breast is a healthy recipe where chicken breast is stuffed with steamed spinach and mushroom cream sauce. The Satay (4,500-5,000 Ks) cooked with coconut oil, is popular with evening drinks. The Chicken Nachos, and Garlic Prawns are each served with its own Asian flair and special homemade sauces, are totally worth trying. The restaurant is also popular for its Pizzas (avg. 10,000 Ks) in a variety of authentic flavors on a page long menu, much to the liking of youngsters.

Stuffed Grilled Chicken

Creative fusion dishes could just be the next step towards globalisation in Myanmar, who knows. An extraordinary experience for sure! You can order unfamiliar names on the menu and expect to be astonished every time the food is served. Fascinating and original, the place is ideal especially the local menus are starting to bore you.

Address: 6 Moe Kaung St., Yankin Township, Yangon
Phone: 01400064, 01541585
Opening Hours:



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