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The second branch of an outstanding Thai restaurant in downtown Yangon. Their extensive menu, encompassing a gamut of authentic Thai dishes, accompanied by the chef’s delectable homemade sauces and dips, is guaranteed to have all the chili lovers jumping for joy. For the snazzy international patrons who wish to have a less spicy meal, you will see chili symbols printed beside every item on the menu, indicating the level of pungency, so you won’t have to bother asking the waiters.

Located inside Kyauk Kone, Yankin Township, Thai 47 is a convivial restaurant with a mix of contemporary and DIY decor. It is a two-storey building, incorporating a garden and children’s swing. You can choose to either be seated outside or inside. If you are someone looking for a place to throw a birthday party or hold a staff meeting, there are private rooms allowing as many as 20 people to be seated effortlessly. What is more, green curry is not all this restaurant has to offer! There is an aperitif bar attached to the restaurant where you can sip cold Heineken Beer or Thai Signature cocktail.

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Hot and Sour Pork Rib Soup

Hot and Sour Pork Rib Soup (3,500 Ks) enticed me straightaway as I have always been a staunch supporter of piquant food. It is an appropriately spicy and sour soup with Thai herbs, roasted milled rice, lime juice and chill. It has the distinctive taste and scent of the tom yam kung soup. I would recommend you to go for it if you’ve been longing for the taste of authentic tom yum kung with clear broth and no coconut milk. However, if you are less of a fan of spicy food than me, enjoying the dish with white rice might help counteract the spiciness.

The Pandan Chicken
The Pandan Chicken

The Pandan Chicken (4,500 Ks) will put things back on course. It is not particularly spicy unless you dip it into one of the two sauces that comes together with the dish. These bite size chicken, marinated in a mixture of coconut milk and seasoning before being wrapped in aromatic pandan leaves, are extremely soft, juicy and fragrant, which make you keep wanting for more. The chicken is exceptionally flavourful I personally prefer having it without the sauces.

The Northern Thai Style Pork Sausage (4,500 Ks) has been a standout dish for me. It is curry flavoured stuffed pork sausage embellished with carved vegetable flowers and the chef’s ‘homemade sauce’ with fresh thai herbs, which gives the dish a nice spicy and tangy kick. What’s interesting about this dish is that the sausage is prepared specially by the chef in the kitchen with a mix of quality fresh products, giving it a unique flavor and scent, and setting it aside from the other store-bought sausage dishes that I have tried before.

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The Northern Thai Style Pork Sausage

Thai 47 is one of the few Thai restaurants that offers authentic Thai food. If you are going to the restaurant between 11am to 2pm, make sure you ask for the Business Set Lunch Menu where you are given a discounted price of 8,900 Ks for a bowl of steamed rice, a cup of Thai 47 coffee (or) Ice-cream, a plate of homemade dessert, a choice of soup and one main course, or 10,900 Ks for two main courses.

Thai 47 – Kyauk Kone Branch
Phone: 09261619811, 09261619822
Address: 31 Aung Zay Ya Road, Yankin Township, Yangon
Opening Times: 10:30 AM – 10:30 PM


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