Umbrella Repairs
Yangon is a place where if something breaks, rather than throw it away, you repair it. Tin Myint is a master at his craft. He has been running his ‘Thet Dan’ business for thirty years. He started when he was eighteen years old. His tools are basic – two pairs of pliers, a small steel anvil and every conceivable umbrella part imaginable. Sitting cross-legged on his plastic chair he never seems to tire. You can even start from scratch and assemble your own bespoke umbrella. The basic price of a fix, usually replacing the hinges that allow the frame to expand, is 300Ks; a more extensive makeover is 500Ks. Certainly cheaper than a new 3,000 , 4000 Ks umbrella, and much more sustainable.

Location: Northeast corner of Anawratha Road and Shwebonthar Street.

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