Padonmar Restaurant is situated in a beautiful quiet neighborhood and serves an al la carte menu of Burmese, Thai and Chinese food prepared by experienced Kayin chefs. The most popular food here of course is Burmese.

The restaurant is situated in a big sprawling building with a beautifully decorated garden full of flowers and fairy lights twinkling at night. It always feels festive in the garden and one needs to book in advance to get a table there! (don’t forget to put on mosquito repellent). The rest of the restaurant is a scene out of a Mandalay palace, with plentiful decorations in gold. There are quite a number of private rooms to choose from. The wait staff is friendly and polite, and there’s always someone nearby to assist.

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There are many choices on the menu, so it’s both fun and a little overwhelming, but there are a lot of familiar names and it’s much easier to decide than it looks. My partner and I chose to try Burmese cuisine, as it is what the place is most famous for. We were recommended Chicken with Pickled Tea Leaves, which was out of this world. It’s not quite traditional to combine these two in a curry, but it completely works. We followed other suggestions of Pork with Pickled Mango, Prawn Curry, Grilled Aubergine Salad, and Winged Bean Salad, which were all delicious. For soup, we tried the Acacia Leaves Soup, which was a little sour but not too strong. All the food we ordered was prepared mild with less oil, chili and pepper than other Burmese restaurants I have been to, but the dishes still kept their traditional taste! Another thing I loved about Padonmar is that the food has this lovely feeling of a home cooked meal. Complimentary side dishes of traditional Veggi Pickle and Balachaung were also offered.

Padonmar Restaurant, Prawn Curry
Padonmar Restaurant, Prawn Curry

Every dish that we tasted at Padonmar was absolutely delicious and we were left with the feeling that we would like to come back for more. The waiter was friendly and helpful. The place can get a bit loud sometimes so make sure you find a quiet spot if you like to be undisturbed by the noise. It sometimes sounds like Christmas out there in the bigger halls as there are large groups coming in. All in all, it’s a restaurant where both locals and foreigners can enjoy Burmese food without the spiciness getting in the way. I have some items on my list that I want to go back for, such as, Bamboo Shoots and Shrimps. It sounds like a great combination.

Address: 105/107 Kha Yae Bin Road, Dagon Township (between Pyi Daung Su Yeik Tha [Halpin] Road and Manawhari Road/ Ahlone Road – near The Governor’s Residence), Yangon
Phone: 095409469, 0973029973
Opening Hours: 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM


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