By Amy Li

Kuay Teaw is a Thai restaurant opened by Tummour, which serves mainly Kuay Teaw, which is a traditional Thai noodles dish, usually served in or with different broths and meats. It can be found with many street vendors in Thailand.

Kuay Teaw is located right in the middle of Secret Garden at the Junction Square Mall. The restaurant has short fence-like structures around it, which makes it a very public dining area. With simple furniture and decorations inside, diners also have a view of the vibrant interior decorations of the Secret Garden that is around them. Expect the usual shopping mall buzz around you as you enjoy your noodles.

The restaurant offers a variety of different Kuay Teaw, all with different flavours and meats, as well as chicken rice, other traditional Thai dishes and appetisers, and drinks. Recommended is definitely the Dry Kuay Teaw with Pork Tummour Style (3,300 Ks). This is almost like a noodle salad, with complexities of different Thai seasonings in every bite. A tasty broth is also served on the side. Another tasty dish is the classic Kuay Teaw with Chicken Soup (3,300 Ks), with its tender chicken and flavour-packed broth. All dishes can be adjusted to customers’ taste with the condiments served on every table. Price Range: Foods, 2,500-5,000 Ks. Drinks, 500-2000 Ks.

If you’re looking for a private, quiet place to dine, Kuay Teaw is definitely not the right place to go. The noises and buzz make it a fun place to have a quick delicious snack or meal with friends. The noodles tastes quite authentic, and eating there feels like going to a cleaner, more pleasant version of the street vendors at Thailand. Bonus – it’s very affordable too!

Kuay Teow
Address: No. Six-613, Level 6 (Secret Garden), Junction Square, Pyay Road, Yangon
Phone: 09-797979607
Opening Hours: 10:30am – 8:30pm


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