Tell us about the Real Estate Conference 2015?
On 10th October, the leading experts of Myanmar’s real estate industry will come together at the UMFCCI to discuss its future path. Three speakers and eleven panel members, including the Ministry of Construction, the Yangon City Development Committee and the Construction Housing and Development Bank, will disseminate their professional research, share their knowledge and answer pressing questions.

We realise there is a strong demand from investors and individuals interested in real estate for up to date, reliable and trustworthy information. The Conference is free and will answer the current issues, analyse trends and future development options, and identify opportunities.

What is is Myanmar’s leading online real estate platform, offering sellers, buyers, landlords and renters a secure and easy-to-use marketplace to find their ideal home. We are constantly growing and currently have more than 18,000 active listings online with traffic of 100,000 page views per month.

Do you focus on local or foreign clients? is in fact the only online real estate platform in both English and Burmese in Myanmar. Our international expertise helps us understand the needs and wishes of overseas customers. We have an extensive amount of listings suitable for foreigners, including furnished ready-to-move-in rental apartments in the most convenient locations.

Our focus remains on the local market and most of our transactions are consequently local.

What is your business model?
We provide a clear-cut marketing channel for brokers, agents, and developers to advertise their properties in the form of listings and banners. We provide visibility and the chance to reach more people with our online listings rather than offline. Using the website is for free; even our app is free of charge.

How does Myanmar compare to the other markets you are active in?
Myanmar is the last frontier market in Southeast Asia with a huge potential. While the Internet penetration is comparably low in comparison to other markets, its growth rate is one of the fastest growing from around the world, at more than 300 percent.

What are your next steps?
We are constantly working on improving our services, to ensure the best customer experience on the market. Additionally, we are expanding our reach across Myanmar. This year we have opened an office in Mandalay with strong long term prospects. contributes to the real estate market by creating transparency and healthy competition; this in return reduces risk and increases stability.


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