Zao Property is about to launch their “POOL SKOOL” – “Learn to Swim Classes”.

At the moment they are trying to gather interest and will be offering an introductory 4 week course beginning Tuesday 22nd September. All classes will focus on safety in and around the pool and increase the children’s water confidence.

Before get into the class specifics a little bit about the pool. This pool is the perfect place to learn to swim or improve your water confidence no matter what age. There is a shallow area and step entry way. The pool is a comfortable 11m long, 4m wide, and 1.2m deep through out. This pool has a mineral therapy chlorination system that leaves the water feeling soft and silky. There is no smell of chlorine or skin or eye irritation and the pH is maintained precisely at 7.5! They employ the latest water testing methods daily and make small adjustments to the water chemistry as required. The pool is vacuumed daily by their Matronics Robotic Dolphin Pool Cleaner.

Their course outline is as follows;

Tuesdays 2pm – 5.15pm four classes as follows;

Water Babies / 2pm – 2.30pm
The skills learnt will include- relaxed submersions, breathing, confdence in exiting and entering the pool, foating and propulsion.
(ages 2-3) 30 minute class – 3 children max –

Water Confidence / 2.30 – 3.15pm
Focus of classes will be on breathing, basic skulling, kicking and floating. (ages 3-4) 45 minute class (15 mins play time at end) – 3 children max

Beginner Swimmers #1 / 3.30 – 4.15pm
Classes will focus on basic swim strokes, connecting legs and arm movements & diving. (ages 4-6) 45 minute class (15 mins play time at end) 4 children max

Beginner Swimmers #2 / 4.30 – 5.15pm
Class skills will focus on freestyle, duck diving and general confdence in moving around the pool. (ages 6-8) 45 minute class (15 mins play time at end) 4 children max

5.30 – 6.15pm – Depending on demand, another class of possibly adults or older children.

If your interested please contact them at 09-420111142 the following information;
1) the class that best suits your needs
2) age of child
3) current swimming ability

With this they will send you their club membership and class pricing structure along with information about their sign up open day, free swim and picnic lunch. On the same day their instructor will be there to discuss and answer questions on the course outline.

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    • Hi Aye Thein, thank you for your comment. As we have no association with Zao Property, please kindly contact the number listed in the article for more information. Thank you for your understanding!


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