Jin Bao Seafood Restaurant is a Singapore-style Chinese restaurant with an unpretentious atmosphere and food that is also popular as a take-out. It was started by U Than Win, a Myanmar-Chinese foodie-at-heart. He wanted to open a restaurant where he could eat the foods he enjoyed without having to travel too far. Known for its seafood dishes and dim sum, the restaurant takes pride in attracting a crowd that treasures high-quality dining in a business or family-type atmosphere.

The restaurant was hard to locate since it is located in a somewhat residential area. It took having to call the restaurant several times on behalf of the cab driver to actually find the exact location (cross street is Baho Road).

Having opened three years ago, it gives off the air of an established venue with its perfected menu and return patrons, especially embassies and business people. Two-storeys high, the venue is ideal for an event or a gathering of big groups, and very popular among Chinese and the Japanese crowd. A basic knowledge of Chinese cuisine would definitely help your experience.

Their most popular dish is spicy and salted seafood dishes along with its pork ribs and fish hot pot. We were served a fish head hot pot, which was heart-warming. With its special-flavored vegetable broth and spices, it can be also ordered with fish cakes. The mutton clay pot, the Mongolian style is unique to this place, and its soft tender slices was mouth-watering, and filling. The place also serves an array of vegetarian dishes like the sweet and sour mapo tofu with meat-textured vegetarian protein. Dim sum is served from 6:30am to 2:30pm. Dessert was freshly fried white sesame balls with black beans and Guilin Gao, which is a jelly-like pudding with honey drizzled on top. Great finish to the meal.

Price range: Dishes between 2,000 Ks to 10,000 Ks. Mapo tofu (3,500 Ks), Pork ribs (6,000 Ks), Sesame bun (800 Ks) and shrimp dumpling (800 Ks).

This place is best for repeat customers who live close by, since the meal has home-made feel to it, and there are plenty of dishes to choose from with different ranges in price. For first timers, the location may be difficult to find, but you can always call. Waiters are a bit shy of English, but the menu is easy to read and provides visuals for those new to the scene. Definitely a must for those wanting a Singapore-style Chinese food for a reasonable price, whether you’ve tried it before or not. Come with your friends, family or business associates.

Jin Bao Seafood Restaurant
Address: No 61B, Min Ye Kyaw Swar Road (Cross street Baho Road), Ahlone Township
Phone: 01227195
Opening Hours: Daily 6:30am to 10:30pm

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