Set just opposite Aung San Suu Kyi’s house, the former Vino di Zanotti is making a comeback as DiVINO. The menu and the decoration have changed and the romantic garden at the back now treasures an authentic pizza oven.

When we went there some days back, curtains and paintings were yet to be put up. However, we could already tell that it would be a homey place to hang out with friends. The generous Italian accent of the manager, Fabio, along with the loud laughs of a bunch of guys from another table completed the picture well. Expect Jazzy, lounge music and a very friendly and attentive staff, who will clean off your breadcrumbs before bringing out the next dish.

All guests a served a selection of breads, butter and appetisers as they arrive. These are as good as dangerous since one cannot stop eating them! You have be warned.DSC_0670

To start, we ordered the antipasti of the day ($28). A big platter was brought to us which featured melon and ham, grilled zucchini, aubergines and bell peppers as well as raw scallops, marinated salmon and guacamole. The thin slices of Parma ham melted in the month, its saltiness blending into the sweetness of the melon. The grilled veggies were cooked and tender on the inside while still being crunchy overall, and not soggy as it sometimes happens. The salmon mi-cuit was fresh and flavourful thanks to the orange and vinegar marinade, while the crunchy hazelnuts complimented its tenderness. The scallops however did not convince us, the texture perhaps.

Then came the home-made Ravioli with ricotta, spinach and porcini (ceps) mushroom sauce ($14). The Ravioli was topped with a roquette salad seasoned with balsamic vinegar, and very thin slices of parmigiano cheese. The ravioli was perfectly cooked, and slicing it revealed the spinach. The mushroom sauce was spiced up with fresh garlic and the overall flavour experience of the dish made it the highlight of the meal. The waiter came with extra parmigiano, to give us a second helping if we wished.[pullquote]The salmon mi-cuit was fresh and flavourful thanks to the orange and vinegar marinade, while the crunchy hazelnuts complimented its tenderness. [/pullquote]

Then we ordered Salmon in a “potato thread” ($16) which was an exotic dish due to the carrot and orange puree it came with as well as the beef tenderloin ($30) which was served with a blackcurrant and rosemary sauce. The salmon was moist inside its crispy potato shell, while the beef was hearty with its sides of potatoes, asparagus, cabbage, carrots and zucchini. I recommend both although considering all the appetizers, one should be enough!DSC_0672

For dessert we shared a tiramisu ($9) which was deliciously creamy yet light and fresh with flavours of mascarpone and coffee (not like the one at Traders) and well as the Panacotta with strawberries and caramel, which was nice but couldn’t not rivalise with the tiramisu.

DiVINO is suitable for food lovers. The quality of the products and the skill of the cooks make it a place for good Italian food. We regret that the wine selection cannot be as wide as it used to be with Zanotti. We hope the decoration will be finished soon to see what atmosphere DiVINO really is trying to achieve. Private rooms can be booked, as well as the whole top floor for big get-togethers. Business lunches for $15+ change everyday (3 courses).

Address: No.61, University Avenue Road, Bahan township,Yangon, Myanmar
Phone: 01 525 935,  09 30313888

Opening hours: 12:00 – 14:30 , 18:00 – 22:30

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Nikita was a project manager at MYANMORE. She's from Bordeaux in France and consequently, she loves her red wines and delicate pâtisseries.


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