Otake Japanese Restaurant is situated in the tranquil lakeside setting of Kandawgyi Palace Hotel. Opened early this year, it serves first-class Japanese cuisine at a reasonable price. Otake’s biggest asset is Chef Nanko San who brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to the kitchen. He has twenty years experience in prestigious Japanese restaurants in Bangkok. His specialty is sashimi, sushi and grilled fish. His skills are very evident in the quality dishes on offer.

The atmosphere in Otake is intimate and tranquil. The walls and floors are lined with fresh pinewood. You can smell the scent of pine as you enter, making everything feel fresh and light, as it should be when eating Japanese food. We chose to dine in the private Mizuumi Room, which would comfortably seat (Western style) around ten people. Here also, there is pinewood, and a large wooden table to eat at, plus comfortable cushioned seats. It’s a room where you can be as loud or as quiet as you like.

The extensive menu gives you a choice of zensai (edamame, chukka wakame), mushimono, sunomono (takano, wakami), salada (potato, yasai, tuna), nimono, yakimono (gyoza), yakitori (toriniku, teba, sunagimo, kawa, ademono (tempura), oshokuji (soba, don), makimono, teppanyaki, shashimi, nigiri sushi, and shabu shabu. There is also a set lunch menu, with a bento set of tempura, sashimi, saba shio and chawan mushi (US$25).  We started with some beautifully fresh Edamame (US$4) and Miso, then ordered the Salmon Nigiri Maguro Sashimi (US$5), Nigiri Salmon Sashimi (US$6), Salmon Shashimi (US13), and Maguro Sashimi ($US13). The rice was delicate and rich in flavour. The sashimi is flown in from Japan and is of the highest quality. The salmon and tuna were perfect, melting in the mouth with their own distinctive tastes. We finished with the signature tempura dish, Tempura Mori (US$14), with brilliantly light batter coating the tender moist shrimp and fresh vegetable. This was the highlight dish. The warm saki, drank heartily, was the perfect accompaniment to the dishes.

Otake serves quality Japanese cuisine prepared by the very skillful and creative Chef Nanko San. The ambience of Otake  is peaceful and comforting, something rare in Yangon eateries. A great place for a business lunch, or intimate dinner with friends.

Address: Kandawgyi Palace Hotel, Kan Yeik Thar Road, Yangon
Opening Hours: 11.00 AM – 3.30 PM and 6.00 PM – 10.30 PM
Phone: 01 559 548


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