Golden Pho is a new Vietnamese restaurant located downtown on the bustling street of Yaw Min Gyi, well-known for its trendy restaurants and cafes. The dishes were created with Vietnamese street food in mind, with a modern touch of high-quality ingredients and minimal use of oil by co-owner Kellie Pham, an Australian Vietnamese. Great for special occasions, date nights or casual dining, this restaurant, which opened only three months ago, is already a buzz with both locals and foreigners.

Classy, yet inviting, with soft, warm lighting and modern Vietnamese art pieces and decor, Golden Pho is a great place for first dates or talking business over lunch. Most of the staff’s English is weak so you may have to repeat your order a few times, but they are super smiley and caters your needs without hesitation, perhaps a testament to Kellie’s hawk-eye attention to detail. Location on Yaw Min Gyi  makes it easy to find, but this is a busy street during rush hours, so if you’re commuting, it’s best get off at Park Royal Hotel so you can walk the rest of the way. For lunch (or dinner), one can enjoy a baguette or coffee, made Vietnamese style, while using wifi, but it’s only good for an hour per device (Kellie says you can ask for more and the staff will happily oblige). On most
nights, the place is packed and on weekends, making a reservation is highly recommended.

Appetizer was Sugar Cane Prawn, jumbo prawns freshly selected from the local market and wrapped around a sugar cane stick that can be dipped into home-made fish sauce. It that can be ordered with two or four skewers and at 6,000 Ks (for four skewers), it may be considered a tad expensive, but it’s worth it. Main entree was the spicy Lemon Grass Beef with dry noodles and The Lot Beef Pho. Both dishes ensure that the beef is cut from the best parts and that the soup doesn’t sit too long and get salty, courtesy of their Vietnamese chef, Don. Tender and juicy, the Lot Beef Pho, known to cure hangovers with its five spices, combines three types of beef – rare, cooked and minced – for your pleasure. Golden Pho also serves baguette, which, after the pho, is
its most popular order. The Grilled Pork Baguette rolled with pickled vegetables and chicken pate, was crusty, yet soft to bite and a great combo with the Special Plum Juice and Mint Lime Ice-Crush Juice (not
on the current menu so ask for it) resembling virgin mojito. Note that the restaurant doesn’t serve alcohol, but you can bring your own without corkage.

PRICE RANGE: Lemon Grass Beef with dry noodles (4,000 Ks), Lot Beef Pho (6,000 Ks), The Grilled Pork Baguette (3,500),Plum Juice (2,500 Ks), Mint Lime Crush Juice (2,500), Vietnamese Coffee (3,000)

If you want a delectable, high-quality Vietnamese food with good service and atmosphere, Golden Pho is it. With its commitment to using the best local and imported ingredients, your taste buds will appreciate. The dishes are varied enough for both vegetarians and meat-lovers (chicken, beef, pork), and if some of the dishes seem pricey, it’s because of the ingredients, and the taste and class make up for it. If you don’t live downtown, the commute is still well worth the effort. Come here for lunch or dinner, catch a movie a walk away at Naypyidaw Cinema and go back for some Vietnamese coffee or check out other bakeries and cafes in the neighborhood. Families are welcome (with children too) as well as first date nighters hoping to impress, and for anyone seeking a bite of pho heaven.

Address: No.62 (A-4), Yaw Min Gyi Street, Dagon Township, Yangon
Phonel: 01254957
Opening Hours: Daily 11.00 AM – 10.00PM


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