Tin Tin Yangon is a pop-up Mexican restaurant and tequila bar situated in the heart of Bogalazay Street, just down from the old Secretariat building. Established by the same people that have brought you Parami Pizza, Gekko, and Union Bar, this is an add-on eatery to an expansive new kitchen that 57Below will use for their catering business. It’s also a chance for Chef Myo to have his dream kitchen and add to a menu initially designed by Mexican chef, Jorge Bernal. It serves as a place to experiment and perfect a quality Myanmar international cuisine using local ingredients.

The atmosphere at Tin Tin is relaxed and very social, with great latin music playing, low lighting and a very busy kitchen always present in the background. Downstairs, you feel as though you are almost in there with the cooks, which is a great sensation for lovers of food. The interior design is unique, in that the walls are lined with recycled timber, which, combined with the timber floors and tables, makes for a natural and comfortable ambience. The sound of patrons enjoying themselves is muted, not harsh and crashing off brick and concrete, as in so many of Yangon’s eateries. The interior is modern and stylish, with an impressive brass chainmail curtain through the restaurant area, like dining in an architect’s home, (I am guessing). The music really makes the place, with a mix of great Latin American and French-Algerian.

The first dish we had was also the highlight of the night, the Nachos ($8). It is a stand out dish from the Chef Myo. With magnificent re-fried beans, and fresh jalapeno and sour cream, and picade gello, and just the right amount of cheese it was perfect. The Cerdo E Chile Verde ($7) promised a lot, with slow-cooked pork and salsa wrapped in tortilla topped with  sauce, and delivered accordingly.

The only criticism is the poor quality of the taco chips, which were over greasy and unappetising  (the very talented Chef Myo assured me he was working on it, as imported chips are not an option).

Other highlights, apart from the Nachos were the small soft tacos, delivered in sets of three on a simple black serving dish. These were the Taco Chile ($6) (handmade charrizo, grilled chicken and sour cream) and the Taco Al Pastor ($5) (spicy corn, salsa de pina, guacamole and black beans. Highly recommended. The tequila cocktails are great here, especially the Green Agave ($7) and the Gilda ($7). The Flan Napolitano ($4) is also recommended.

Tin Tin is the perfect place to take friends and have a really enjoyable dining experience, with great food, good music and excellent service. It’s also an excellent opportunity to explore Bogalazay Street and the Lower East Downtown. Enjoy the food and the streets of downtown Yangon.

Address: 116-118 Bogalazay Street (between Merchant Street & Mahabandoola Road, Yangon. Opening Hours: 11am-11pm. Tel: 01 559 548

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Bob Percival
Bob Percival is a travel writer and historian now living in Yangon for over a year, after spending four years in Yunnan doing research for a novel. He is presently completing his PhD in Creative Writing. He loves Yangon and regularly does walking tours. Bob can be reached on 0925 0116543 or [email protected]


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