In Chinese, kou fu means to be fortunate enough to feast on fine food. Kokant Kou Fu Hot Pot & Snacks definitely lives up to its name and has established itself as a go-to restaurant for ethnic Kokant food (Shan-Chinese fusion) from northern Shan state despite only opening its doors last year.

The restaurant has a typical Chinese-style setup with round wooden tables conducive to great conversation and sharing food. Consequently, the place can get a little boisterous especially during dinnertime. If you prefer a quieter dining experience, stop by during breakfast or lunchtime instead.

Start with the pan gyone (1,200 Kyats), a unique appetizer only available at Kou Fu. Essentially a wheat flower “jelly” salad, this spicy and sour dish opens up your palate for the main course.

Then, try the amae thar soup pyote (4,000 Kyats), Kou Fu’s beef tendon stew. Not only are the chewy bites delicious, but they also give the broth a deep, rich flavor. The secret to this stew is the spice called caoguo, which is imported from Shan State and ground in the kitchens to ensure authenticity.

We were also served the famous Yunan hot pot. The taro root made the broth sweeter and denser while flavors from mushrooms, vegetables, pork belly cuts, and meatballs all combined to bring this steaming pot of yumminess together.

For dessert, I recommend the kyat oo kasaw (2,000 Kyats). This is an unusual warm rice soup with a subtle acidic zing, made from egg, kasaw, dried milk and condensed milk.

The combination of fresh local produce with spices imported from Shan State’s Lashio City is a testament to the restaurant’s focus on serving quality food.

Hot Pot: 25,000 Ks (serves 3) to 75,000 Ks (serves 13)
Main courses: 1,200 Ks to 10,000 Ks
Drinks: 1,200 Ks to 2,500 Ks

Listing Information
No. 24, Baho Road (Corner of Pyi Htaung Su Yeik Thar Street), Ahlone Township, Yangon.
Phone: 01-229283, 09-250796008, 09-5038019
Open daily from 6:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.




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