Life is scary. The very act of living – from day to day, not knowing what’s going to happen to you, to the people around you, to those you love, and to your surrounding –  scares the s**t out of me. The more I think about it, the more it makes me shudder in fear. The feeling doesn’t get better with age. Not in my world, at least.

But, it is also the most (for lack of a better word) amazing thing I have. It holds so many possibilities and wonders. It is inspiring – the people and what they do, nature and its surrounding. Life, in many forms, have  created so many things – good and bad.

For me to soldier on in my life, I sometimes need encouragement. And reminders. Doesn’t matter where they come from, but when they do happen, I am thankful. Everytime.

Today, I found these little nuggets of inspiring quotes from some of my favourite cartoons. Yes cartoons are for kids; there’s a kid in all of us. Pick one that’s for you. Hold on to it. Use for when life gets scary.

And soldier on.



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