The Yangon food scene is humming with news of last week’s grand opening of this new restaurant. The founders’ goal was to provide fine dining in a relaxed atmosphere, and they accomplished it beautifully. The New Zealand chef has worked at five star hotels around the world and draws a lot of inspiration from his time in Belize. Finally someone is cooking authentic Latin American flavours in Yangon!

The three-story colonial building has been lovingly renovated using mostly reclaimed and repurposed materials. They’ve preserved as much of the original charm as possible, showing off arched doorways and stained glass windows. The wooden decor and light fixtures create a warm light giving you the feeling of sitting in a cozy living room, rather than a restaurant. The ground floor offers a peek into the kitchen and seating for 42 people, the first floor has a lounge feel with a bar and inviting sofas, and the rooftop garden will have a covering so you can still enjoy the outdoors during rainy season.


The bartenders mix up creative concoctions like Smoky Rosemary and the refreshing Lychee Lemongrass Smash. The food menu is divided into tapas, appetizers, main courses, and a short but decadent desert list. We kicked-off with the Red Snapper Ceviche that has a pleasant balance of tangy citrus and meaty snapper. Next were the Beef Empanadas which are spot-on with perfectly spiced meat inside a delicate pocket of fried dough, served with a side of smooth mango dipping sauce. The never-frozen New Zealand steaks are the best I’ve had so far in Yangon, cooked exactly to the doneness you request with a choice of Chimichurri or Hollandaise sauces. The surprising dark horse was the Locro, an amazing Argentinian stew of beef and vegetables so savoury and hearty that we nearly licked the bowl clean. The complex spice mix features the smoky taste of chillies without any of the heat, allowing you to really explore all of the flavours. For vegetarians, the curried quail egg are a nice choice, but the chef will also make vegetarian dishes on request. Let your server know if you have dietary restrictions at your table and they will happily come up with something special for you. Leave room for the banana fritter with caramel sauce, you won’t be sorry

Cocktails: $7-8
Wine: $8 (glass), $28+ (bottles)
Tapas: $3-5
Appetizers: $5-8
Mains: $14-26

Hummingbird is a must-visit and we bet you won’t be going there only once. The good news is that the founders are also thinking about opening a bakery, catering service and a few other restaurants, so we have several other things to look forward to.


76 Phone Gyi st, Lanmadaw Tsp
09 250 292 074
Opening Hours : 12pm – Late



From the serene shores of lake Geneva to the glittering skyscrapers of Shanghai, Zara has lived (and eaten!) all over the globe. Always eager to try new foods, she's sampled veal tongue carpaccio, bullfrog hot pot, stewed sheep’s brain, and even something called “chafing dish of leisure and fashion”. Besides just discovering curious dishes, Zara loves to learn about the history and techniques behind world cuisines, often finding that the similarities are as interesting as the differences. Around Yangon she tastes the good, bad and the ugly so that you can enjoy only the very best.


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