Yes, it’s here. The first day of April. Also known as April Fool’s Day.

Around the world, people play (and sometimes not altogether smart) pranks on one another. Sometimes they work, and sometimes, well, I’m sure you’ve heard of the ones that majestically fail. To make your pranks work takes a lot of planning. A lot of thought has to be put into it. Not all of us can think on our feet and always come up with a brilliant and mischievous plan.

I’ve had friends who took weeks to concoct a what was then thought a brilliant idea, only for said plan to backfire in such an epic way that these poor things suffered the shame for years.

So for those who are still foraging the internet or ways to be prank-masters, I say go for it. ‘Cuz I know telling you not to do it would just itch you even more to do the opposite.

Go for it. And tell me all about it.


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