The Roof brings the craft of molecular mixology to Yangon. According to their founder, these cocktails are not just mixed beverages, but a form of edible art that incorporates new textures not commonly found in beverages, such as foam, smoke, bubbles, caviar, and mist. These special techniques take a long time to prepare, so they are made in small batches and only a limited number of each are available per day.

The large terrace has an industrial-loft feeling with a metal structure and sleek black furniture.  The decor paired with their upbeat club music makes The Roof feel like a happening nighttime spot. Most of the terrace is covered, so it will be a nice outdoor venue, even when rainy season starts.


The cocktails are certainly the highlight at The Roof. We started with the refreshing Roof Collins Fizz. This gin-based drink maintains the bubbly citrus concept of its namesake, but also incorporates a delightful ginger zing topped with a strawberry “caviar”.

The Cocktail in the Sphere wins for the most unique presentation. The electric blue beverage is served in a frozen sphere of ice which you crack open yourself to release the citrus-flavoured cocktail. Unfortunately, the taste was much too sweet which made it difficult to drink more than a few sips.

If you’re lucky enough to arrive before they sell out, I recommend trying the bubble shooters. Served in a tray of 6, each bubble is like experiencing an entire cocktail in one mouthful. With flavours like espresso martini and mojito, there’s something on the plate for everyone. We’re told these bubbles take quite a bit of work to prepare, so they only make 10 trays each day.

While the cocktails steal the show, The Roof also offers food to balance out the booze. For the very hungry, The ROOF Steak, served with mashed potatoes, buttered vegetables and a hearty gravy, will definitely satisfy. If you’re more interested in munching on something light while exploring the cocktails, then try the Beer Beef Tacos. The four flour tortillas are filled with juicy ground beef, creamy guacamole and a dusting of grated cheese (friendly tip: add the capsicum garnish to the top of each taco for an added crunch).

Food: 3,000 – 8,000Ks
Drinks: 3,000 – 30,000Ks
Cocktails start at 4,000Ks

If you’re tired of the same old G&Ts and lukewarm lagers, I recommend checking out the molecular mixology at The Roof. You’ll be sure to experience something new; and it’s one of the few places to catch a breeze on these scorching hot evenings. If you’re not a fan of sweet cocktails, ask your server for a recommendation as a lot of the drinks are sugar-heavy.

From the serene shores of lake Geneva to the glittering skyscrapers of Shanghai, Zara has lived (and eaten!) all over the globe. Always eager to try new foods, she's sampled veal tongue carpaccio, bullfrog hot pot, stewed sheep’s brain, and even something called “chafing dish of leisure and fashion”. Besides just discovering curious dishes, Zara loves to learn about the history and techniques behind world cuisines, often finding that the similarities are as interesting as the differences. Around Yangon she tastes the good, bad and the ugly so that you can enjoy only the very best.


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