Thai food is known to be a favourite of many; it is unique, spicy and has a mellow taste. Good news for those living in downtown Yangon – a new Thai restaurant called Thai 47 has recently been opened at the corner of 47th street and Anawratha.  Though the owners and chef are Burmese, Thai 47 has developed a wide range of Thai dishes on their menu for you to choose.

The restaurant also has the fancy corner bar set up, ready to whip up different types of cocktails.

The restaurant is currently in a soft launch period. It will be officially launched soon.

raw shrimp.1


Step in and the first thing you noticed is its modern and stylish décor with displays of many interesting photos, thanks to one of the owners being an avid photographer. Open glass surroundings means diners get to see out as much as passers-by get to see in. Up the narrow steps may give those who wish a more private meal in one of the four dining rooms.

Guests are given full attention, perhaps a tad intrusive but well-intentioned, by the servers.



Fans of spicy cuisine, recommended are Goong Chare Nampla (Fresh raw shrimps in spicy garlic, chili, lime juice & fish sauce) and Pad Kapaw (Spicy Basil Leaves Stir Fry) which left my tongue almost burning. My dining companion swore her scalp was on fire!

Chef’s recommendation of Pla Neung Manow – Steam Fish in Lime Sauce – was a decent-sized fish steamed in and a good easy start instead.

The Coconut Chicken Soup (Tom Kha Gai) and Gang Moo Yang Bai Cha Om (Grilled Pork with Acacia Leaf Soup) are also safe bets for those who cannot take the heat. Also, don’t forget the Thai signature dish Tom Yam Goong (Spicy Shrimp Soup), a must in every Thai restaurant.

Don’t miss – It’s Thai tea, with tea flown in from Thailand.

red curry.1


Average between 3,000 – 8,000Ks


Overall, Thai 47’s menu comes up pretty decent where Thai food is concerned.  All dishes are MSG free and all the ingredients are locally sorted. Understandably, tweaks has to be made to please local palates. As a Thai trying food here, I would say I have had fair satisfaction.

If I am around 47th street downtown, I may revisit.


Opening Hours:
11 am – 2.30 am
Kitchen closes at 10.30 pm.

Photo Credit:
Thai 47

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