If you’ve ever want to try a local lifestyle way of chilling at a teashop, but are afraid of the quality or the cleanliness of the place, Rangoon Tea House is your destination. It is a boutique local teahouse embraced with trendy international standard and ambience.

Located downtown on the second floor of an old colonial building on Pansodan Street, I felt very warm and relaxed the minute I opened the door as yellow lights are used to warm the white wall. The place is spacious—not too cramped up like in the local tea shops that are usually packed and busy.

With one of the owners in the architecture industry, it is not surprising to see RTH decorated in an artsy way, representing the young Burmese generation who are keen on preserving their traditional culture but adding some modern touch.

Their menu is similar those you find in normal tea shops such as Mohinga, Nan Gyi Thoke( Burmese spaghetti), La Phat Thoke (Tea Leaf Salad) and Pyay Paratha (Indian-styled Curry). The dishes are well–prepared but taste-wise personally, the first two are pretty standard fare. However, my most favorite would be the Steamed Pork Belly Bun or Pao Si.


Another highlight of RTH is their 16 different styles of having your tea, ranging from Pote Man – Regular, Cho Saint – Sweet, Cho Pawt Kyat-Less Sweet and Bitter, Note Sain Tea- No Sugar Tea and many more.

For desserts, try the Yoghurt with Tanyat Yay – plain yoghurt topped with jaggery. I have always wanted to try the ones from the street but was concerned about cleanliness. For those not a big on yoghurt there’s Black Sesame Bao which is a steamed black sesame bun sandwiched around milk ice cream sprinkled with crushed peanuts.

Mains – 3,000Ks -9,500Ks
Drinks – 1,000Ks to 3,000Ks
Desserts- 3,500 Ks

As a foreigner, it is definitely one of my favorites local food places.  My local friends however, said that with the price they pay here it is not a place that they would often frequent.





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