Barista Lavazza is the exclusive seller of Lavazza brand coffee in Myanmar and wants to provide this city with an alternative social venue than the frequented bar-restaurants currently available in this city. Peppering the exterior of this newly renovated two-story house are the words “The Real Coffee Experience.” Whether that ‘experience’ is actually achieved has yet to be decided. With a strange medley of western and Indian inspired dishes, cakes, pastries, and, soon, beer and wine, Barista Lavazza wants to offer a lot more than just comfy cushions and finely made espresso, but is able to only deliver on those two options.


On the inside, vibrant ‘pop’ colors and modern design give this venue a lively and awakened feel—no hiding in dark corners in this venue, except perhaps in one of the two VIP rooms available on either floor. With seating for 100+ patrons across two floors, its comfortably spacious with plenty of room to spare. An outdoor patio promises star-lit seating during the dry season, and there are plans for a pool table and dart-board to give those of us with nothing to do something to do. All this space and tailored environment beg the question, is there anything of substance on the inside?


As the exclusive seller of Lavazza coffee in Myanmar, they know how to make a cappuccino— complete with the elegant leaf-shaped fold capitulating the foam. Furthermore, its nice that they haven’t flooded their menu with an array of superfluous coffee choices that seem to be the norm with coffee shops today. They make a great espresso, and they’re not going to cover that up with loads of caramel and whipped cream. Thank heavens.

Unfortunately, the motivations for giving this place a try stop there. We sampled a wide array of dishes—pizza, pasta, sandwiches, and deserts—and found that most of them suffered from the all-too typical shortcomings of attempts at western cuisine. Of what we tried, we were most impressed with their Indian-inspired sandwiches. Their Nutrela Sandwich (NOT Nutella) is a masala spiced soya filling layered with sautéed bell peppers between multigrain bread. Flavorful and different, I was pleasantly surprised at its unique flavor. Their Chicken Tikka sandwich would also be satisfying if you could ignore the soft, lifeless bread served around it.


A meal with drinks falls under the 10,000Ks mark. A shot of espresso will run you 1,500Ks while cappuccinos or lattes sell for 2,300Ks.


The cushions and the cappuccino


Everything else

16 Kyaik Ka San rd, Tamwe Tsp,Yangon
Tel: 01-8604415

9am – Midnight Daily

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