Peperoni Pizzeria, opened fairly recently, is owned by the same company who brings us House of Singapura – the highly-acclaimed Les Amis Group. It’s not a surprise then that Peperoni is situated right above said restaurant, at the Union Business Centre. Brought in as a franchise from Singapore, their main draw is their wood-fired thin-crusted pizzas and traditional pastas.

It’s a well set-up restaurant – spacious and clean with minimal décor. There’s an open kitchen on the right as you enter, where one can see the pizzas being prepared before they go into the oven. The pizza chefs are more than happy to show off their pizza-twirling skills over their heads if you,,,,, though this is not recommended when they’re busy. There are private rooms and an outdoor veranda area with a tiny view of – wait for it – the Shwedagon Pagoda. An ideal place for group gatherings as pizzas, especially the Half & Half, are more fun to be shared


Sharing is caring. As mentioned, the Half & Half Pizzas are a great option for a group of ten of us who had different dietary needs. We had almost all the varieties of pizzas available; from Margherita to Salmone, Diavola  to Fruitti Di Mare, Vegetariana to Supreme – all had the same consistency of dough and generous toppings. Throw in a few pastas, salads – which were surprisingly good despite their dismal appearance – appetisers such as calamari and wings, and everyone’s happy. It’s easy, comfort food.  We didn’t have to wait long for the orders to arrive either. The tiramisu was the big winner in the dessert department – a sweet ending,  so to speak.

Nothing major – just a minor hiccup; the ice creams served had already melted by the time it arrived.. It was at that stage where it’s in betweeccccccce cream and a milkshake. We asked for it to be sent back. This was rectified immediately.

The pizzas come in 3 sizes – 9” (Medium – 9,000Ks) 12” (Large 12,000Ks) and 16” (Extra Large 20,000Ks). Extra toppings have different prices. Pastas start from 5,500 (Aglio Oglio & Peperoncino) to 9,5000Ks). Appetisers start from 3,500Ks (Bruschetta de Pormodoro) and Salads 4,500Ks (Garden Salad).

PEPERONI PIZZERIA                                                             OPENING HOURS

Union Business Centre (UBC)                                              Daily
Annex B, Nat Mauk rd, Bo Cho Quarter                          12pm to 3pm
Bahan Tsp                                                                                  6pm to 10pm
Tel: 093 025 8399

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Leena Salim
Leena Salim comes from the overcrowded city island of Singapore. She has traveled to and lived in many other overcrowded cities around the world through her work as a singer, actor, emcee and now, a writer. She now resides in yet another overcrowded city that is Yangon with her imaginary cat, Miss Muffinface.


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