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Ooredoo Myanmar makes a donation to the Mettānanda Foundation

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16 June 2014

Ooredoo Myanmar makes a donation to the Mettānanda Foundation

Ooredoo Myanmar keeps going in its charity activities in Myanmar.

Yangon, Myanmar

Ooredoo Myanmar announced today a donation to the Mettānanda Foundation as part of its purpose to give young people the chance to educate themselves and fulfill their potential.

On Tuesday 10th June 2014 a team of representatives of Ooredoo Myanmar went to the orphanage school Mettānanda Foundation (formerly known as Child Aid Foundation) to present a donation to the very famous Mettānanda Foundation leader Dr. Ashin Dhammapiya.The Mettānanda Foundation (formerly known as Child Aid Foundation) was fund by Dr (Sayadaw) Ashin Dhammapiya and his devotees after the dramatic cyclone “Nargis” hit Myanmar on the 2nd and 3rd of May 2008. The aim of the Mettānanda Foundation is to provide shelters, educational support and social support to Myanmar orphans and all children from communities in need since May 3rd 2008 .

The Mettānanda Foundation gives to the victims of the cyclone food, fresh water, shelters, clothes, health care and education. Education is provided from primary level to high school level. Then, are supported to attend universities and colleges.

On June 10th 2014, a team of representatives led by Myint Zaw, Ooredoo Myanmar’s Director of Sales & Distribution, and Thiri Kyar Nyo, Ooredoo Myanmar’s Public Relations Manager arrived at 9 AM to donate lunch to the 350 pupils of the Mettānanda Foundation, with the help of many monk teachers.

After lunch, the representatives of Ooredoo Myanmar presented to School Incharge , Ashinvajirabuddhi a donation of backpacks, pencil cases, pens, rulers, school exercises books and T-shirts to each of the 350 pupils of the Metta Nanda Foundation. Upon receiving the donation, on behalf of Dr. Ashin Dhammapiya, School Incharge Ashinvajirabuddhi said, « We are delighted to receive Ooredo Myanmar’s donation with very kind generosit We are all doing good deeds together and this makes Ooredoo Myanmar as a good role model amongst other FDI firms as well »

Ooredoo Myanmar, committed to enriching people’s lives and stimulating human growth, also signed a partnership with Cherie Blair Foundation for Women in order to champion women here in Myanmar by Myanmar Nationals and help them realise their potential in society in September 2013, and has been developing a maternal health service in Myanmar since February 2014.


For More Information , please contact –

Thiri Kyar Nyo

Public Relations Manager

[email protected]

09 511 7204

About Ooredoo Myanmar

Since 2014 February 5, Ooredoo Myanmar has been recruiting Myanmar Nationals and starting to rolling out telecoms infrastructure. Following the announcement on June 27 that Ooredoo Myanmar had been successful in its bid for one of two mobile telecommunications licences in Myanmar, Ooredoo Myanmar has worked extensively establishing itself and laying the foundation for its business to become an integral part of the Myanmar community. In October 2013, Ooredoo Group announced the appointment of Ross Cormack to lead operations in Myanmar. Ooredoo Myanmar will offer a wide range of mobile communications services beyond voice and data to improve the lives of Myanmar consumers and help businesses run more efficiently. This will include the development of a comprehensive portfolio of life enriching services including mobile money services, a range of mobile health services, and services to support farmers and agriculture leveraging on its experience in launching those services in other markets.

Ooredoo Myanmar will roll out these services using a large distribution network which will quickly reach beyond Myanmar’s cities into the country’s rural areas. The Company will leverage this network in deploying innovative solutions across 3G networks using 900 and 2100 frequencies, bringing data services to where there has previously only been voice.

Ooredoo Myanmar is looking for people if you would like to join a fun and energetic team, please send your CV to [email protected]

  • Myanmar National Disability Conference gets backing from Ooredoo Myanmar

  • In May, Ooredoo Co-Hosts GSMA Green Power Event In Yangon

  • In May, Ooredoo Myanmar Officially Launches IdeaBox Start-Ups Incubation Programme

  • In May, Ooredoo Reveals Exciting Progress On Its Journey To Launch.

  • In May, MobileMonday Yangon hosts panel by Ooredoo, CB Bank on future of mobile money in Myanmar

  • In May, Ooredoo Myanmar Announced To Rollout A Comprehensive Maternal And Child Health Service In Conjunction With Population Services International

  • In May ,Ooredoo Myanmar announced that it has successfully tested the first mobile calls to and from its network and that of the other new mobile operator.

  • In May, Ooredoo and Rocket Internet Partner to Develop Online Businesses in Asia.

  • In May, MFF Ooredoo Cup Second Round Fixtures were Drawn

  • In April, Ooredoo Myanmar Hosts Important U.S. Partnership Opportunity Delegation

  • In April, Ooredoo Myanmar Wraps Up Nationwide Thingyan Celebrations In Style: New Telco Embraces Local Traditions With Pandals In Mandalay & Yangon.

  • In April, Ooredoo Myanmar Held Draw For The MFF Ooredoo Cup, 2014 Held In Yangon. First round matches kicked off on April 5th and 6th 2014,

  • In March Ooredoo Myanmar, Internews & World Bank hold Myanmar First-Ever “HACKATHON” event.

  • In March Ooredoo Myanmar Sponsors AppExpo 2014 together with the launch of IdeaBox Incubation Initiatives.

  • In March Ooredoo Myanmar Announces The Introduction of MobileMonday™ to Myanmar

  • In February Ooredoo showcases Life-Enhancing Mobile Initiatives at Mobile World Congress 2014.

  • In February Ooredoo announces to extends Incubation Programme to Myanmar.

  • In February, the first official website, is launched.

  • In February, Ooredoo was granted a telecom license by the government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

  • In January, Champions of Tomorrow” Enjoy Chance to Play Match with French League Leaders from PSG and Hundreds of Fans Get Tickets for Real Madrid Showdown.

  • In December, Ooredoo Myanmar Appoints ZTE Network Vendor: Key Strategic Partner Will Help Create Widest 3G Network Coverage Across Myanmar.

  • In December, Ooredoo announces it will launch 3G services in Myanmar and appoints NSN, Nokia Solutins & Network to supply core and radio infrastructure for 3G network.

  • In December 2013, Ooredoo Myanmar congratulates Myanmar Chinlone Federation for winning first gold medals of the 27th SEA games.

  • In December 2013, Ooredoo Myanmar welcomes Women’s Forum Myanmar 2013 with a commitment to empower 30,000 Myanmar women with mobile retail entrepreneurship here in Myanmar by Myanmar Nationals .

  • In December 2013, Ooredoo Myanmar announces the opening of new office in MICT Park.

  • In December 2013, Ooredoo Myanmar co-sponsored Mobile Fair 2013 at UMFCCI.

  • In November 2013, Ooredoo Myanmar becomes official partner of Myanmar Football Federation.

  • In November 2013, In partnership with Rakhine National Social Welfare Organisation, Ooredoo Myanmar supported the education of the refugee children in Rakhine, Kachin and Myeikhtilar regions.

  • In November 2013, Ooredoo Myanmar announces its sponsorship to Myanmar Chinlone Federation.

  • In November 2013, Ooredoo Myanmar takes main sponsorship at SQUAR Youth Festival to show its continuous Youth Empowerment.

  • In November 2013, Ooredoo Myanmar announced its USD 5,000 sponsorship for 1st Yangon Youth Forum at the signing ceremony held at Yadanar Ballroom 3, PARKROYAL Yangon hotel.

  • In October 2013, as a main sponsor, Ooredoo Myanmar meets Myanmar mobile application developers at a brainstorming event in Myanmar ICT Park.

  • In October 2013, Ooredoo Myanmar announces its USD 50,000 sponsorship at Special Olympics Myanmar National Games.

  • In late September 2013, Ooredoo and Cherie Blair Foundation for Women to partner with organisations in Myanmar to train 30,000 women as Ooredoo mobile retail agents here in Myanmar by Myanmar Nationals.

  • In early September 2013, Ooredoo Myanmar pledges to assist the Ministry of Social Welfare in its efforts to help people suffering from the floods affecting the country with the donation of USD 40,000.





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