Well hello hello!

I hope you’ve had a good break these last 10 days. I know a lot of you had skipped town but there were some who stayed specifically for the Water Festival.

I must say folks in Yangon were really hardcore during those 4 days. It was like the license to go all-out crazy from what we saw on the streets and on videos. You folks sure know how to party.

I must say too that initially, I was nervous. Actually, I lied. I was PETRIFIED – of being too exposed, where people can potentially do anything to me. But a few splashes later, who the bloody hell cares?

What’s nice to see – almost humbling even – was that folks were SO FRIENDLY. People kept coming to us asking, “Are you happy?” I’m sure they meant, “Are you having a good time?” but who cares, we knew exactly what they meant; and they meant well. Every other person was offering us some kind of beverage in all sorts of containers.

I believe the kids had the most fun; they were throwing water (I hope they’re water!) from plastic bottles, bowls and basins and every containers you can think of. We were ambushed. LOVED IT!

Did we get ill afterwards from the water? We sure did – still nursing a cold.

Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY!

Here’s what we filmed:

Sooooo many things to update you!

Traders Hotel has a new visiting chef here for the next two weeks. We were there for Easter Brunch and the improvements were quite impressive, I reckon. Take advantage of their lunch deals for this month of April – 40% off for GEM members and 20% off for non-members. Applies only for lunch buffets, but not Sunday Brunch.

50th Street Bar started a Comedy Night last month. This will be an on-going affair, usually scheduled on the last week of the month. They also had just refurbished the upstairs part of the restaurant so it’s a good time to go see the place. If you want to give comedy a try do contact them, William Childress or Gino Jo on FB. Starts at 8pm but do come early.

Yamagoya Ramen has just opened its doors in Yangon. They’re at 520, Uyin Street, Sayar San Quarter, Bahan Tsp. Tel: 01 556 774

Chatime, your favourite bubble tea-makers from Taiwan, will be opening their 4th outlet soon in Ocean Shwe Gone Daing in Tamwe. Details coming soon.

If you’re missing the good ol’ fish and chips and fish butty then say Hellooo to Huddy’s! They’re just opened before Thingyan from 11am til 2am everyday. Located at 70, Insein Rd, Hlaing Tsp. Check their FB page for more details and specials.

Mimi has an early Zumba class at Pearl Condo Studio at 9.45am. Email DanceFitYangon@gmail.com

Those keen on joining the dart league please send an email to events@50thstreetyangon.com. Write DARTS under subject and they will supply you with details.


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