LinkAge Restaurant is run by a non- government volunteer group Forever Humanitarian. Located on the first floor at the ever-busy downtown area, it is a restaurant that helps disadvantaged street kids by providing them training in Food & Beverage, education such as English lessons and supporting them with lodging, food and clothings. Opened since 2012, it serves Chinese and Burmese food and is also a gallery of artworks by local artists.


It’s quite a challenge to find Linkage; it’s in one of the busy side streets close to Panorama Hotel downtown. The best possible direction would be to find Golden City Yoghurt Shop (Shwe Myo Daw) at Maha Bandoola Garden Street (which apparently all locals know) and LinkAge is right across on the first floor.  A cosy restaurant with white table cloth and can seat around twenty guests, it has a small balcony that looks out onto the shenanigans outside. There are artworks on the walls that you can purchase direct from the restaurant. The menu offers delicious local and Chinese cuisine that is akin to a home-cooked meal.


What we like about LinkAge is its non-pretentious air with the food, décor, service and prices. As with any restaurant, when bogged with a long list of menu, it’s wise to ask the staff what they would recommend. The Fish Cake Ball with Tomato Sauce is a simple dish of pan-fried fish cakes doused with tomato gravy that is sweet and surprisingly not oily.  For tofu lovers, the Deep Fried Japanese Tofu with Vegetables cooked with oyster sauce, is good enough to have on its own. The service by the trained young men is apt. Most recommended for a casual, easy local meal.


Prices range from I,500Ks (Fried Vegetables) to 5,000Ks (Grilled Fish Fillet). Artworks range from US$250 to US$1,000.


LinkAge 2


221, 1st Floor, Maha Bandoola St, Downtown, Yangon
Tel: 094 958 3618

11am to 10pm


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Leena Salim
Leena Salim comes from the overcrowded city island of Singapore. She has traveled to and lived in many other overcrowded cities around the world through her work as a singer, actor, emcee and now, a writer. She now resides in yet another overcrowded city that is Yangon with her imaginary cat, Miss Muffinface.


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