When I moved here about a month ago, I remember driving around trying to get my bearings of Yangon. That was the first time I saw Dining Fukurou from the backseat of the cab and I thought “hmm, that looks promising” but had not thought about it since. So when I arrived at the doorstep of this establishment, it feels like a “hey, hang on I know you” moment.

It is situated along New University Avenue, a few doors from the Bellagio restaurant and about five minutes walk from Yankin Centre. You can spot the big signage with its red dot and Japanese letters from miles away.

It’s a well-run and decent-sized two-storey Japanese restaurant run by Mr Ko Zaw Thu Min and Chef Maung Maung. There are private rooms upstairs for those who want to have an authentic Japanese dining experience with seiza-style seating. Since ‘dainty’ has never been associated with me, I figured I had nothing to prove. I chose the “western-style’ seats. Plus, I don’t think my poor knees and ankles can take my weight past three minutes. There is a semi-open kitchen concept at the back of the restaurant where you can watch the chef and his assistant prepare the food. Fukurou refers to an owl in Japenese. Fuku, meaning luck, is linked with good fortune. I guess they’re getting plenty of that judging from the steady stream of folks coming in for lunch that day.

Well, the food really. Lunch goers can choose from a variety of lunch set menus consisting of a good portion main dish, a side dish and a drink all for around 7,000kyats. Its fast, tasty and no dramas. Extra points for presenting their food with such creativity and colour but without coming off as trying too hard. There’s also free wifi for those like me who absolutely MUST put photos of my food on Instagram and Facebook.

It’s good for folks living or working around the area but for the rest of us who don’t, well, traffic can make you go “urghhh”. So plan wisely.

Salmon lovers – check out their salmon sashi (7,000kyats). The fresh salmon come in thick slivers with fish roe. Yes, I drooled. The Age Nasu Oroshiponzu are fried eggplants with grated radish and ponzu, which is a Japanese dipping sauce made from soy sauce, lime juice, vinegar and fish flakes (3,000kyats). Eggplants are moist, tender and the colour remains rich. Don’t leave without their homemade Rare Cheese Cake (3,500kyats) which is infused with green tea. It has a right balance of sweetness and dough with a subtle hint of green tea.


Food prices range from 1,800kyats for a Kyuri Miso to 35,000kyats for a Wagyu Beef. Their Lunch Set menu changes pretty often and they range from 6,000kyats to 7,000kyats, including a drink.

No 81(C), New University Avenue Road Bahan Township, Yangon
Tel : 01 542 871
Listing: http://myanmore.wpengine.com/yangon/dining-listings/listing/dining-fukurou-japanese-restaurant
OPENING HOURS Daily: Lunch 11am – 3pm, Dinner 5pm – 10pm


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