Across the road from Savoy Hotel at Inya Road is Mojo, now under new management. Jean, one of the partners of this industrial chic restaurant and bar saw that when he arrived here there wasn’t a place that he liked – a Mediterranean place where people can meet, enjoy tapas and wine centred around a big table, unpretentious, surrounded with trite things, silverware and naked walls.  He gave kudos to French designer Delphine Delorme who was pivotal for all the decorations and designs of the venue. “The workers were very puzzled. It was the first time they were asked to remove the paintings on the walls with sandpaper but leave just a little bit of rust. Usually people want to paint or remove it completely,” he mused. And thus, the new Mojo was reborn.


The chef, from Thailand, is a genius with food from Laos, Khmer and Vietnam. Marry that skills with Jean’s and His Operations Manager Kevin’s knowledge and love for Mediterranean cuisine, they have what he calls a ‘sexy menu’ – an Indochine and Mediterranean menu. “Our Indochine platter is a bestseller. Everybody loves it”.

Mojo has a pretty decent wine list with a more extensive range in the weeks to come. Their cocktails are getting popular too, especially the Mojitos as “they are done well and with love”. They have developed a shot menu that will give your head more than a buzz. If tequila is your poison then their Pinchos will fire you up. Coming up in the drinks menu is another crowd favorite, Sangria.


Coming from an events background makes Mojo the perfect venue to hold events. Buena Tapas Social club on Thursdays looks set to be a regular event. Their Swedish and Italian chefs make great tapas for $2 a plate that is enough to share. Wine and tapas are on a chip system, another new one for Myanmar, to dematerialise the money.  Just recently was their Shut Up and Dance party which had folks dancing on tables ‘til the early hours. Soon to come is a themed party aimed for the French, complete with berets, accessories and fake moustaches. Yes you read right. Fake moustaches. If anyone can pull it off, it’s got to be the French.


“I find it astonishing how with very little time and money they managed to create such a cosy and lovable place which is new in Yangon. It simply invites for having a good time. With their openness and charm the managers and staff have created a surrounding which makes you feel part of their Mojo family”, gushes Vanessa Ahren, a regular guest there.

“Mojo is about sharing the Mediterranean way. Kevin and I are the motors behind Mojo. We are from the south of France and are both half Italian. We believe in wine, cold cuts and cheese. We believe in big tables, good music and not 10 remixes of the Gangnam style. Party drinks that you can share. That is what I love – to link people. It is the place that I wanted to have, “beams Jean.

Opening Hours : Everyday 6pm till late
Mojo Café and Lounge
135 Inya Road, Bahan Township
For enquiries : +95 (0) 9250268732

Mojitos $6 Pinchos $4
IndoChine platter $19 (good for 3)
Food ranges from $6 to $13
Wine ranges from $4/glass $20/bottle
Cocktails start at $6

For more on French designer Delphine Delorme’s work :

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Leena Salim comes from the overcrowded city island of Singapore. She has traveled to and lived in many other overcrowded cities around the world through her work as a singer, actor, emcee and now, a writer. She now resides in yet another overcrowded city that is Yangon with her imaginary cat, Miss Muffinface.


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