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Set back off Wingabar Rd and down a long driveway, the 2 weeks old Erawan, which comprises of the ground floor of a large old colonial building, looks stunning in the early evening as we approach the lavish entrance. The building, the restaurant and the menu meld together into a well crafted and restrained combination. Modern glass and Burmese wood designs are featured throughout the restaurant giving it a very open and relaxed atmosphere while the concise menu of Laos delicacies keeps in line with the restrained décor.

Erewans’ hand picked wine list, comprising solely of French bottles, many of which are from the Provence region, provides a refreshing and exciting change from the same old wines to be found stocked around Yangon’s restaurants and supermarkets. The Rosé, a Domaine des Aullieres, was light, crisp and refreshing and a bottle was priced at a very reasonable $32. All bottles were under $38 and the house selection was $28 a bottle or $7 a glass making it a very appealing price point for the wine lovers amongst us.

Starting with the platter for two at $19, which could have easily have fed 3 or 4, comprised of summer rolls, pork and prawn, with a delicate balance of nuts and coriander. Also on the platter were herb sausages, crispy spring rolls, fried chicken and sundried beef, which was soft and charred, a complete surprise and a delicious dipping snack. The rest of the starter menu was made up of a small, but refreshing selection of spicy and sour soups and crisp salads of seafood, pork, chicken or beef, all of which were priced between $5-10.

The mains that captured our taste buds were the Nam Tok, grilled seasoned beef, and the Mok Pa, a steamed fish with coconut curry served in banana leaf. The grilled beef was almost a beef salad., seasoned with chilli, sesame and red onion, it was light and refreshing. The fish, however, wasn’t so much a coconut curry, more of a fish cake texture with a delicious and creamy, thick curry exterior, it wasn’t what the mind’s eye would conjure up from the description but it was rich and flavorsome all the same.

In addition to the mains was a sensibly priced noodle menu for a lighter bite. The dining experience was a great pleasure; the atmosphere was perfectly relaxing with well adjusting lighting and background music. Far from the noise and excitement of downtown, Erewan provides a space in which to enjoy your food, wine and company without being over faced with price or portion. And when you’re sufficiently fed, the veranda overlooking the lawn would be a great place to wind down with an after dinner wine or whisky, picked by the careful hand of the expert curator.


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