With a middle-of-the-road burger priced at 12000 Ks, it’s fair to expect a substantial offering. Depending on what you’re used to, your tendency towards ten on the meaty goodness scale may waiver. All burgers come with caramelised onion, mushroom jam, sundried tomatoes, roquette , and Sharky’s signature mayonnaise. Cheese is melted inside the burger. Buns are freshly baked and toasted. The Classic Burger, featuring dry aged beef and cheese, erred on the side of slightly over cooked. Though still tasty, there was no offer of temperature selection, something that goes hand in hand with cooked beef. The Chicken Burger was the more flavorsome, and delivered a light, unexpected taste; the beef like richness of the flavour, without the heaviness of red meat, makes this the better choice. Two other options of bacon and foie gras are offered for the burgers. The bacon is a nice change from the salty, thickly sliced or mushy, oily options at most restaurants in Yangon. It is crispy, airy and very light. The flavor is subtle but apparent. Burgers: Veggie (brie or goat cheese) 8000Ks, The Classic Chicken (chicken and cheese) 12000Ks, The Classic (dry aged beef and cheese) 12000Ks, The Ultimate (dry aged beef and cheese & foie gras) 18000Ks. Extras: Bacon 3000Ks.


  • SIDES:
    On the side were small roasted potatoes which pairs well with a dash of homemade salt and pepper mix, two slices of pickle, bean sprouts, pickled garlic, and slivers of roast red peppers. A quirky salad in a glass comes with each burger, though it is less exciting than its appearance.
    Sharky’s does a decent job in presenting a tasty meal made of quality ingredients. Note that the tiramisu on offer at Sharkys is some of the best ever. So come for the meat but stay for the sweets.
    117 Dhamazedi Road, Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar, Tel 1-524677

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About the series:

Three hungry guys, two weeks, 11 places and many many burgers. That is what it took us to do this Yangon Burger Exploration to try, document and photo the different burgers on offer in Yangon. Hard work but committed to finding out what is on offer we sacrificed the upcoming beach season.



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