Thaketa Crocodile Farm, Yangon
Thaketa Crocodile Farm, Yangon.

Yangon offer a lot of attractions both for tourists and people living here, our writer Isaac Malone has made this guide of activities different from the touristy things people usually do.

Hidden away in the dark crevices of the Thaketa Industrial Estate, this vast crocodile farm is well worth the inevitable hunt that it takes to find it. Home to 200 of the impressive species, there is a walkway that takes you over a swamp where the creatures linger below, awaiting their next meal. There is a feeding platform where you can entice them into a feeding frenzy by dropping fish to them, while an elderly man – who has worked on the farm for 20 years – provides entertainment and information where he gives information about the rarest of the species before sticking his arm, and finally his head, into an enticing mouth. Entrance is $1 and you are able to hold some of the baby crocodiles. Put their quick-moving little things, so make sure you get a strong grip.

Address: Thaketa Crocodile Farm, Thaketa Industrial Estate, Tharkyta Township, Yangon

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