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New Zero Art Space Promote the young generation, especially in contemporary arts, art education, creative thinking and appreciation.
New Zero Art Space mission statement

The first time I visited New Zero was during a children’s art show. The gallery was putting into practice their mission statement with great success. Encouragement and guidance of artists is a priority for the gallery. Community events keep artists and public inspired and stimulated. On Saturday nights from 5.00–7.00pm there can be anything from art movies, artist discussions, and performances to whatever else artists might have the opportunity to share. Upstairs there is library that includes books and DVDS. A library card for borrowing is only 5,000K.

The second time I visited the gallery was during their recent “Touch” exhibition where Myanmar and Korean artists came together for a 25 day residency program.  Six artists from Myanmar and six artists from Korea shared wall and floor space for their sculptures, images, videos and multimedia pieces. The intention of the program is to exchange ideas and culture, and connect with art. This is emphasised by BB-Bang, a Korean mixed-rice bowl stirred together by all the organizers.

For Yangon galleries, New Zero Art Space has a distinct international emphasis, with three shows last year involving overseas artists and curators, as well as group shows and the organising of the International Multimedia Art Festival held at the French Institute.  Exhibitions at the gallery are not held on a regular schedule, but shows are hosted at least 6 times a year. Sometimes there can be two shows in a month, other times, one show over two months.  Keep an eye on their website for updates, or check out what’s on while visiting one of their Saturday night community nights.

Open hours: 9.30pm – 5.00pm
Category: Gallery, Modern Art, Myanmar artists, International artists
Address: No. 202, 2nd floor, United Condo, Alanpya Pagoda Road, Dagon Township, Yangon (in between Yaw Min Gyi St. and Nawaday)
Tel: 09 73129520, 09 73199473
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