Water Library Bar, Yangon
Water Library Bar, Yangon

Walk adjacent to the Water Library restaurant using the white gravel stairs or dark wooden walkway, to reach the Water Library bar. Step inside the tall glass doors that open onto a patio partly covered by a beautiful tree. Imagine a slew of chairs and tables spread under evening sky, allowing patrons to bask in the warm Myanmar night air while enjoying the plethora of drinks on offer.

It begins to rain, light drops pattering across the deck. Move inside and have a seat at the bar or perhaps a table with a few friends. The ceiling-to-floor mirrors on one end make the space feel open, while the ambient lighting keeps things cozy and intimate. Alluring and upbeat, music sets a stimulating background for conversation.

Drinks need refilling. Choose from a wide selection of drinks expertly made by a meticulously trained staff. You may even find yourself in the company of Mirko Gardelliano, professional mixologist and the man behind the knowledgeable staff. If you’re feeling particularly interesting, ask him to make you a drink. Something new and unexpected is likely to fill a martini glass in front of you.

Or, go with a menu option: wasabi infused vodka, gummy bear infused gin or maybe Gardelliano’s signature cocktail. Dubbed the “Yangon Cocktail” it comes served over ice in a lowball glass. A touch of lemon hovers over a base of tamarind infused bourbon, creating a refreshing but bracing flavor. The Watermelon Rossi ups the ante featuring fresh watermelon and vodka in a cone shaped glass. Not surprised? Take hold of a syringe of absinth to finish the drink. If you’re unsure of how to properly execute this finishing touch, don’t expect Gardelliano to offer too much advice. The bar is as much about imbibing as it is about interacting with the concoctions.

“I want to create an experience that you will remember when you wake up tomorrow,” says Gardelliano. A sly but warm smile crosses his face as he speaks.

Recipes from Water Library Bar’s mixologist cocktails

Yangon Cocktail
4 cl homemade tamarind infusions Bourbon Whiskey
1 cl Bourbon Whiskey
2 dash Peychaud`s bitter original
2,5 cl Fresh Lemon
1,5 or 2 cl White Sugar Syrup
1 espresso spoon white Egg Ice ball

Watermelon Rossi
4 pcs. Fresh Watermelon (Muddler)
2 cl Watermelon Liquor
5 cl Vodka
1 Dash spray Absinth (1 spray in glass)
2 cl Fresh Lemon
1,5 cl Sugar Syrup
1 Espresso spoon white Egg
1 cl Syringe Absinth by side

Note: The bar and inside seating area is currently open to Patrons. Outside seating will be available after the monsoon season with live music to follow.

Pricing: Top end
Category: Bar
Address: Pyay Road/Manawharri Road intersection, Yangon (see our listing for map)
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Water-Library/53349802244 (Bangkok)
Website: http://waterlibrary.com/
Myanmore Dining Listinghttp://myanmore.wpengine.com/yangon/dining-listings/listing/water-library

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