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Nawaday Tharlar Gallery
Nawaday Tharlar Gallery, Yangon, Myanmar

The quality of the selection in Nawaday Tharlar Gallery displays a long developed but hardly witnessed art world within Myanmar. Last year the owner of the gallery, Pyay Way, had about 100 canvases in his gallery that mostly consisted of his personal collection. This year he moved into a new gallery space on Yaw Min Gyi that houses close to 1000 canvases.

Pyay Way’s English language skills allowed him to become a middleman for his art friends around Burma; Friends who spoke with their paints and not the common language of art collectors. He does what he can to immerse himself in artistic and talented friends, encouraging them to share their expressions and meet similar minded people at his well-known Open Mic Nights. These famous nights have no set date for the spectators and talented participants to set their calendars by – you have to keep an eye on Myanmore’s schedule or Nawaday’s facebook page. On average it happens every month or two, but each time it’s THE SHOW that everyone talks about as musicians, poets, storytellers and contortionists come to perform. Expats and locals bring out their hidden and eccentric talents worthy of those who have lived in Myanmar for years.

It’s a place that gives the creative supplies and space that artists need – both physically and mentally. Tea, snacks and even naptime cushions provide those much-needed breaks for those that pass through, or staying to appreciate. Empty frames and canvas sit with brushes and paints in the gallery, free for artists to come and create work. By offering the supplies for artists to use, it allows Pyay Way to learn by watching. He also offers his gallery as a storage space for those
completed paintings and for the artists that have no more room to store finished work. If the artist wishes to sell the work on commission to the crowed browsing through the vast achieves, Nawaday Gallery is happy to provide a home. “I’m always here” Pyay Way says,

“I didn’t make this gallery to sell art, this gallery for the artists.”

Opening hours: 9:00AM – 5:00PM
Category: Gallery, Modern Art, Myanmar artists, Burmese artists
Address: Room No. 304, 20/B Yawmin Gyi Road, Dagon Township
Website: http://www.nawadaygallery.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/375852762456768/
Myanmore listing: http://myanmore.wpengine.com/yangon/locations/nawaday-gallery/

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