Belleboys Music Box
Belleboys Music Box, Nightlife in Yangon, Myanmar

The outside stairs leading up to Mbox are lined with people escaping the heat and noise, for a smoke and conversation. Inside Mbox, neon lights scatter in the dark and crowded room like zigzagging, pin-head sized flying saucers. There are no Burmese people to be found except behind the bar and the desk at the entrance, but the room is packed with people and breath. Deep beats vibrate the floor and the skin, as the Belleboys spin their sets that span electro, house and UK bass with frequent guest DJs.

It’s a karaoke place dubbed for family and friends, but most the expats don’t know it for that. Closed doors to small rooms that host individual sing-a-song parties, tend to be ignored on nights with DJs and private parties. In these nights, it’s a scene between bar and club; A nightlife purgatory that expats inhabit. Open 10:00AM to 2:00AM, they serve up Asian and Chinese foods that I have never seen, but I have experienced their fully stocked bar and their lounge re-arranged to accommodate a faux dance floor.

Private parties and events can be booked in the lounge where you can play your own music and enjoy the night the way you want. To catch the nights that the Belleboys play to a room that often spills out the door. They usually party on the 2nd or 3rd Saturday of the month.

There is no entrance fee, the drink prices are normal and taxi’s can be directed to the Yangon International Hotel, off of Ahlone Rd. From the parking lot entrance, head to the right and up the stairs that lead above The Flamingo.


Opening hours: 10:00 – 02:00(AM)
Category: Nightlife, Karaoke, DJ
Address: Yangon International Hotel Compound, No. 330, Ahlone Road, Yangon
Telephone: 09-730 36433
Facebook: http:/
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