Yes, this book is about China. Yes, I have lived in China. BUT, it is also a story about development, about travel, about the charm of being a in remote and untouched place, the dream of a paradise. In fact, it makes me think of how many look at Myanmar and the concerns about its own development. And for those of you who already have or plan to take the opportunity to visit Yunnan province, this is a must read.

A well recommended book. You can find it on amazon. The kindle version is only $4.99.

Also, take a look at the Author’s website for different options.

Harvest G

From the Author
Welcome to Harvest Season, a novel of just 220 pages that I ended up spending a lot of time on. No, the first person narrator is not me, and, yes, a lot of it is made up — though much of the big-picture back story is pretty much how things panned out over the course one winter and early spring in a remote valley in the mountains of southwest China. Yes, it’s a difficult novel to categorize, but that’s why, I think, it deserves to be read: it wrote itself and refused to be told any other way than the way it wound up.

“Harvest Season” features no handsome heroes, no consummated love story, no Bob Marley, no redemption.” –The Wall Street Journal

“Taylor ultimately achieves something impressive here that all literature should and so little actually does.” — Chicago Center for Literature and Photography

“A rare Western take on China that turns the typical “economic miracle” and “rising superpower” angle on its head … a glimpse into Chinese society, a morality tale and finally, a page-turning read, racing toward a bloody climax.” — Jakarta Globe

“A racy, chemical fueled parable . . . like Alex Garland’s The Beach . . . except the writing is better . . . wiser [and] more poignant.” –Taipei Times

“…single sentences in limpid simplicity become illustrative of individual character, to make the people on the pages archetypes of people we know in life.” — Bangkok Post

“A cunning and beautifully composed meditation on the demise of individual travel and, to some extent, the publishing industry that surrounds it.” — Bangkok 101

“Of all the travel-related books out there, Harvest Season is the only one that successfully shatters the wall between traveler and local .” — Chengdu Living

“An excellent portrayal of a lesser-known China that is very real.” — Go Kunming

“Sumptuously written, with passages of great beauty. Taylor is a talented writer, and reveals to us a China most people have no idea exists.” — Phnom Penh Post

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