Parkson aka the FMI Center

Parkson display

Ascending the escalators to Parkson feels rather like you’re ascending the stairway to the pearly gates and the air-conditioned paradise within, having escaped the furnace below.

The terrace, as they like to call it, has currently only got one cafe up and running, Bar Boon, but in time others will open although judging by the the construction site currently in its place that seems rather far off… Bar Boon, a Dutch Deli/ Expresso Bar appears to be channeling a 70’s vibe with it’s warehouse esq ceiling and hanging lights. They offer croissants, muffins, cakes cookies etc.

Parkson is a sleek, modern department store. The highly polished floors reflects the glinting lights above, as I floated up the escalators I was serenaded with the dulcet tones of ‘Don’t go breaking my heart’, instrumental version. There’s an uninspiring collection of brands; Giordano, Yves Roche, Samsonite, Guy Laroche the list of mediocrity goes on. There is also a small household section selling kitchen electricals.


Traders will be pleased to know there are clean loo’s, so if you’re in the area there is now an alternative to Traders, who if you haven’t seen the signs brandished outside their ground floor loo’s, are becoming increasingly disenchanted by ‘non-guests’’ using their facilities!

Despite the fancy packaging the content is underwhelming.


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