Last Friday I spent my evening at California Skin Spa. I was greeted very warmly by a host of beauty therapists, after answering a few questions about my skin and general wellbeing I was guided up to one of their rooms. A lovely calming feeling overcame me stepping into the lavender room, as I believe mine was called. There was a soothing soft orange glow coming through the blinds, and classical music could be heard.

Having had a few facials in Myanmar I can confirm their statement they “can offer a unique experience not available anywhere else in the country”. The Dermalogica trained therapists use a skin-mapping system which ensures your treatment will be tailored to your specific skins needs.

I started with their Ultra Calming Treatment facial. For the hour long facial I was regaled with an assortment of different machines, sprays, and products. What was different about this one is that with most other facials I’ve been to, my entire face experienced the same facial, here War War my therapist was doing some things to my forehead other things to my nose and cheeks and something else to my eyes, it almost felt like I had several facials in one. Due to the skin mapping system, each section of my face was divided up and received the exact treatment it needed.

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My next hour was spent being induced into a coma in a sumptuous white leather arm chair whilst enjoying a relaxing reflexology session. Having never had a reflexology treatment before I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. In my last six months here, I’ve noticed there exists a particular penchant for legs and giving leg massages. After my calves and feet were exfoliated, sure enough I received a relaxing if somewhat a little painful at times calf message, but my leg muscles certainly felt rejuvenated for it. My therapist proceeded to bring out a selection of implements all used to gently prod different sections of my feet which sent tingles up my entire body.

California Skin Spa is not a beauty salon rather a skin health spa. They offer a wide variety of different treatments including a selection of massages and scrubs, mani’s and pedi’s, waxes as well as having a hair salon which not only does the usual; haircuts, styling for special occasions, blow-dries but also scalp and hair-care treatments, including one for frizzy, unmanageable hair, something everyone needs in this humid frizz-inducing climate!

Whilst it is pricey, I was ensured that the quality of the products used means they are one-off treatments, so you don’t have to keep going because the effects of the treatment you received will last. So in a way, it’s value for money!

On top of that California Skin Spa are offering 15% off all treatments as a special promotion for the month of May!

California Skin Spa can be found at No.32B, Inya Myaing Road, Bahan Township, Yangon.

Tel: + 95 1 535097, +95 1 501295

Opening Hours: 9am to 9pm

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