Saturday saw the end to the 7 days in Myanmar photography event, which brought together 30 internationally renowned photographers, including 9 based in Myanmar. They travelled to locations throughout the country capturing different facets of Burmese life, including traditions, religions, ethnic diversity, landscapes and well as commerce and industry.

The objective was to provide an “insight into a country that was closed for decades… and remains a fascinating enigma”   in light of the growing international interest in Myanmar.

Their images will be showcased in a large-format 256-page book. A documentary film from behind the scenes and an interactive application are also being produced. 7 Days in Myanmar: A Multimedia Showcase will be launched at the start of the SEA Games in December 2013 which also coincides with Myanmar taking the chair of ASEAN in January 2014.

For more information have a look at their website 7 Days in Myanmore

Or Facebook 7 Days in Myanmar





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