Having arrived in Yangon and quickly noticed that in the majority of clothes shops the cuts tend to be built for the minuscule Burmese figure and they seem to have a penchant for polyester, a strange choice in this climate. It became paramount to find a good tailor.

I found a shop selling a huge variety of fabrics (including lots of patterned cotton) on the corner of Yaw Min Gyi and Bo Yar Nyunt.

Bogoke market has an extensive fabric section, so go for a perusal through the alleyways there if you can bear the suffocating temperatures.

Yuzana Plaza has also got a large variety of fabric on sale.

I’ve just collected some things I got made from Globe Tailoring, they made 3 items for me in one week all beautifully finished. Two of the items I got made were copies of things I already had with a few adjustments, for the other I just showed him a picture of a dress I wanted made but explained I wanted a different collar which I drew for him there,  and because he speaks perfect English he understood it all. However having heard some other prices it’s fairly pricey, I paid between 8000-10,000 kyat per item. 367, Bogyoke Aung San Street

The second floor of Bogyoke market is replete with seamstresses. They’re very reasonable, but I am yet to find one who speaks English, so if you want anything other than a direct copy it might be hard conveying that…

I’ve also tried out Blush, whilst they did do a good job, and I gave them some complicated things to copy, they charged through the roof for it, by the time they finally got me the items they were 3 weeks late. Bottom of Inya View Condo on Pyay Road (opposite the lake, just up from where Inya lake meets Pyay Road).










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