There has been a lot of talk about Internet Connection in Yangon so here follows a summary as of Feb 2013.

1. Phone-based internet access
– Based on time, not volume so will charge you if your data connection is on
– EDGE is 2 kyat per minute while 3G is 4 kyat per minute
– Works for skype calls and tethering, but speed can vary depending on where in Yangon although coverage and capacity expected to improve with network buildout.

– MPT –
– Cheaper than RedLink need a fixed line installed
adsl fees
3.  Wimax
– RedLink is the provider
– Expensive and bad support (apparently you need to physically attend one of their stores if you want to upgrade your plan – no service by telephone or online)
– Easy installation and portable so can be used anywhere
– Speed vary depending on the location of their tower and the receiver location in your premise. The closer the range or stronger signal, the better experience you will have. They have “Outdoor Antenna” option for extra charges to boost your signal if you are situated in a bad location in relative to their tower.
–  They provide up to 3Mbps for bandwidth in their packages.
– Cost
a) Installation charges (varies from time to time) but around 450,000 kyat now
Monthly fees – The highest package is set at USD $155 per month (3Mbps max)
c) Outdoor antenna option – Additional 150,000 Kyats, one time payment
4. Fiber
– Connection’s initial fees 500,000 kyats ($580) starting January 1, 2013
– FTTx service is a Double Play Service (Data and VOIP) and the annual fees are 60,000 kyats. Monthly fees vary with 45,000 kyats for 512 Kbps, 75,000 kyats for 1 Mbps and 125,000 kyats for 2 Mbps.
Fortune Company and Elite Company are the network providers for FTTx lines in two zones in Yangon. Fortune Company provides services to Bahan, Lanmadaw, Latha, Pabaetan, Dagon, Ahlone, Kyimyindine, Sanchaung, Yankin Townships and in some areas in Yankin, Tarmwe and Mayangone Townships. Elite provides lines to Botataung, Pazuntaung, Mingalar Taungnyunt, Bahan, Kyaunktadar, Hlaing, Mayangone, Sanchaung and Kamaryut Townships.
– Services for triple play service—internet, VOIP, and TV—will be provided soon
5. Satellite
– Skynet / Ipstar?
– Connection bad during monsoon period
– About 90 USD per month
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